Sunday, March 5, 2017


Cebu is a place in the Philippines that you'll always go back to because the place is huge and so many places to offer to travelers and tourists.

It is found in the Central Visayas which is in the South of the Philippines.
From Metro Manila, it is an hour and a half flight to Mactan International Airport in Cebu.

Check out the places I have explored in Cebu.

temple of leah

Cebu: Temple of Leah

I visited Temple of Leah last June 2016.
Pretty disappointed at that time as it was a hot afternoon with so many tourists in the place.
I then decided to give it another chance when I visited it this February 2017.

As part of the Cebu City Tour package we got, our first destination very early in the morning was Temple of Leah.
Located going up on the hills of Busay, it was a fun motorbike ride with our drivers.
The weather was refreshing as we left the city and elevated up on the hills.

For travelers on a budget and wants adventure, bike tour is highly recommended.
You may contact our drivers:
Cito: 0927.566.2813
Habbey: 0916.582.6382 

Entrance fee of 50 pesos per person.

Here is the story of the Temple of Leah.
Took this image from the temple.
To make sure my facts are correct. :)

The photos you will see are both from my 2016 and 2017 visit.
You will see the difference.
2016 - Crowded
2017 - We had the place to ourselves.

TIP: Start the tour as early as 6am on weekdays. We went on a Monday.

2016 visit: It was soooo traffic. Good thing we had the motorbike and it was easier.

2017 visit

See the difference?
2016 visit: Top
2017 visit: Bottom
ann d explorer

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

2016 visit

2017 visit
ann d explorer

2016 visit: People people people

2016 visit: I had to do a close selfie with the statue to avoid the photo buombers.
temple of leah

2017 visit: Zero people.
temple of leah

It is an on-going construction. This is what's inside the temple. I took this photo from the window.

I had the same pose from both years.
temple of leah

Front view.

Side view

Thank you Cito, our driver/guide/photographer.

 2016 visit: Owner of the car must be connected to the owner or maybe one of the family members/relatives as it was parked near the steps. was used for a photoshoot.

 2016 visit: Sadly, there are still many undisciplined and uneducated tourists.

 2017 visit: No people.
Happy tourist here.
360 degrees photo.
ann d explorer

Video 360

I will still visit this place once its finished.
temple of leah

temple of leah

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

D'Project 12: Treats to Diura Village kids

My first outreach in Batanes was way back 2013 on my birthday when I asked my guide then, Ryan Cardona that I had a few things to give out to kids. He brought me to Diura Fishing Village. You can read about it on this link click here. I wanted to visit them again after three years.

Because of the intermittent internet and network connections after the typhoon that hit Batanes last September 2016, I had a hard time contacting Ryan. I then decided to have an outreach in Sabtang. Click here for the documentation.

When I sat on the plane going to Batanes last December 2016, there I saw a familiar face.
Small world. Ryan was also on his way back home and . . .  we were seat mates.

 We did some catch up during the flight and then decided to continue with a simple gift-giving to Diura.

ryan cardona
Groceries in Batanes is a little pricey than in Manila since the only way is via ship.
I was only able to buy a few because of the budget I had but I think the Ivatan kids appreciated it.
By the way, no sponsorship from the brand names on the photos.

Happily packing the treats.

ann d explorer

Thank you to my wonderful Basco host, Ate Sylvia Lameda for making me stay at her house always when I am in Basco and for helping me pack too.

The treat bags.

Ryan brought boxes of pencils and crayons too.

Thank you to Ryan and his travel agency, BISUMI tours and services
For the coordination, transportation, companionship and support.
Click the link in case you may want to visit Batanes and get their services.

Not all of these kids are studying in Diura but they live in Diura.

This is Teacher Rachel, the new teacher in Diura.

We started with games since we had extra treats.

The girls were very competitive and won the first contest.

d'project outreach

But then the boys owned the dance floor!

The final 3 dancers.

Then it was time to give out the treats.
 Before that, testing the action cam for documentation.

Assisted by the Cardona kids, Rhean and Yancy.

Ryan helping out with the distribution.


Dora the Explorer helps out on the distribution too.

diura batanes

The Diura kids sang a song for us.

Christmas song for us.


Dios Mamahes to Ryan Cardona, wife Thelma and daughters.
Bisumi Tours and Services.
Driver JP.

with Rhean

with Yancy.

With Thelma Cardona in maroon, Yancy and Ivatan locals.

We hope you could be part of our next D'Projects in seeing more kids smile.

For our previous D'Projects, click here.