Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dog Cafe at Barkin' Blends

If you want to see lots of dogs of different breeds and just want to play with them, here's one dog cafe you can visit at 2nd floor, J&R Concon Center, 91, Rosa Alvero Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines. 

Register/Pay entrance fee at their cafe where drinks are consumable.

An idea of their menu. Prices are subject to change.

We ordered the Single entry with the Rock Salt and Cheese.
It was good.

You can also eat dogs.....
Doggie designed cupcakes.

Dog Zone Rules

More rules!

Cute doggie decorations at the counter.

Inside the playroom.
With Martha.

They're free to walk around.
Choose a dog you would like to play with.

I don't know which one to pick.

Some are just sleepy, lazy or tired to play.

Whey they get thirsty, they know where to go to.
But when they need to pee or poop, their staff are on the look out to clean it right away.

barkin' blends

barkin' blends

Sweet Martha just cuddled out of nowhere and laid her had on my thighs.


You just got to love the smiles.

They know when there's a camera around.

barkin' blends

barkin' blends

barkin' blends

This is SMILE.
He just likes you to carry him ALL THE TIME!
How cute is he!

barkin' blends

I was tired but had fun. These dogs are so playful.

If you want to experience a more relaxing cafe with cats, read my blog post on this.