Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cebu: Kota Beach Resort, Bantayan Island

When you go to Cebu, one of the many main attractions are their islands.
Bantayan Island is one of them.
When we arrived at Mactan airport, we took the shuttle going to the North Terminal Station.
We missed the bus passing Hagnaya port and the next trip was like in two hours.
We decided to take the van (PhP170 as of June 2016)
It was way faster than a bus but way too uncomfortable.
The van was packed and it was a three hour ride. 

From Hagnaya port, we took this ship going to Bantayan Island.
It was PhP170 with PhP 5 terminal fee.

The ride was smooth and took us to Bantayan in an hour.

No, I wasn't a solo traveler this time but I went with my long time
travel buddies and couple, Marlene and Chando.

Getting near the port excited us.

It was sooo clean!

We took the tricycle to go to our resort.
I don't mind being at the back seat as long as it is not in Manila.

Everyone kept saying and recommending Kota beach resort.
It was affordable and the beach front was just perfect.

ann d explorer

We were excited.
The restaurant facing the sea.

The Cottages.

The receiving area.

We ended up waiting for an hour in the receiving area.
All the excitement went down.
Resort staff said the people accommodating our room has not left yet because they were still looking for another room so they left to have their lunch.
Check-out time: 12nn
Check-in time: 2:00PM
We were there at 2:11PM
Resort's solution: To wait for them and while we wait, we can use a fan room so we can freshen up.
We had an early flight, we traveled almost 5 hours by land and it was hot.
We did not know what time they will be back. When they get back, Housekeeping needs to clean the room. We told them to either get us a new room or take their things out and clean the room immediately.
Poor problem solving, Kota Beach.
It ruined our moods and the resort did not do anything to compensate for bursting our excitement of the place.
I think we got in around 3:25PM.

So . . . we got inside our room.
No, this wasn't our room. ha ha ha
It was a nice cottage by the beach and I just wanted a photo.

bantayan ann d explorer

We took the standard room.
It has everything we need except the beach front.

Our sunrise was a little dramatic.

Low tide in the morning.

360 video

Sea weeds

A li'l dirt.

Find me.

It is not nice when it is low tide.

We were not able to see beach fronts of other resorts so I can't compare.

The only "Beachin'" I know.


I did not swim because Chando said he saw a jellyfish when he did a less than 5 minute dip.

bantayan island

When we left around 8 in the morning, the beach became nicer.

High tide.
Sand bar.

ann d explorer

This is my favorite shot.

kota beach

I will have a separate post on our Bantayan exploration.
Generally, we had a bad start with Kota beach resort and everything just did not meet our expectations. A lot of our friends hyped Kota Beach and Bantayan Island too high.
If you find my photos really nice . . . the place is just "photogenic" 

Daily sailing schedule (as of June 2016)

Our ride.

My favorite spot here (call it weird if you want) was the port.
Nope. This is not me. That's Chando.

High tide.
Port was really clean.



hello po, okay po ba ang surroundings sa kota beach? how about the cottages/rooms po?

Ahna, peaceful naman. Low season when we went there so few tourists na lang. The standard rooms have all we need except tv :)

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