Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mount Pamitinan

Our first trek for the year 2016 we decided to do a TWIN hike.
On this post, will be Mt. Pamitinan and I will just make a follow up on our Mt. Binicayan adventure.

I don't usually put rates in my blog posts because it always changes.
Though I get a lot of inquiries. Just to help out, rates are as of January 2016.
From Jollibee Farmers Cubao (near EDSA), there is a van terminal going to Montalban/Rodriguez. It is 24 hours. It will cost you 50 pesos. Tell the driver to drop you off at Eastwood Village. Ideally, go there as early as 4.00am. No traffic early in the morning and will get there in half an hour.

Van driver will drop you off where tricycles are already waiting. It only cost 15 pesos per person but a tricycle will fill 4 people. If it is a special trip, it will be 60 pesos. Tell the driver to go to Wawa.  

There will be three registrations. DENR and at the barangays .
This is where you'll get your guide/s.

Registration fee.

Donations will be asked on the two barangays.

(as of January 2016)


Dawn when we started.

First resting place where we saw most of the hikers resting.

There's a joke about what's on this photo.
You have to use your imagination.
(tip: something naughty :)

Not too far is the 7-11/Ministop of Mt. Pamitinan.

Expect lots of big rocks and limestone.
Make sure you have gloves with you.

Be careful with your steps.
Make sure you have a stable place to stand on and a good balance. If in case you are in doubt, don't let go of whatever you are holding on to

A guide is still important as they are equipped with a first aid kit.
A little off-balance can hurt you on those rocks.

My signature pose :)

When our guide was busy taking photos of my climb buddy, I walked around. Then he saw me and immediately said not to be on this spot because it was a moving rock. Though he took a quick photo before he said to leave that rock. It is important to follow your guide.

If you have a good grip, not scared, good balance...then you can do this.

Kuya Rod "Ma'am, hawak ng mabuti ha. Labas mo ng konti ang paa mo"
Kim: "Andy!!! Konting paa lang daw. Konti ba yan"


Side view.

Top view

Which is easier? At the edge or at the top?
Being at the edge gives you more adrenaline.

Relaxing at the top.
ann d explorer

Sorry for the photo overload.
Planking or Push-ups?

My other signature pose :)
ann d explorer

Take time to enjoy the view.

With my climb buddy, Kim.

Our dramatic pose.

That wasn't the summit.
More rock climbing to go.

Sorry for this video :)

Another guide, Kuya Jonathan offered sticky rice for us to eat...for free.
Nice guy.

Summit of course was just a small area so we had to wait for the first group to finish.
We had our breakfast first while there were trees around.

Then another wall climb. This time they had a rope.

Kim: "Andy, wait lang"
Me: Tapping my foot while I patiently wait for him.
he he he

Finally, we made it to the summit.

Solo summit shots.

It was still the "good sun" so I sun bathe.

With our guide, Tatay Rod.
We were glad he became our guide.
A guide named Irriel who confirmed to me through text message that he will wait for us when we got to the barangay. When we got there, there were so many people. I was confident that I had Irriel as my guide only to find out he left with another group. I heard from other guides and people from the registration that he usually does this and sometimes give his guests to his son. I am glad Irriel did not end up as our guide.

Our coolest guide.
Tatay Rod.
He's a senior citizen but is still strong.
Used to be head of Tourism and works with DENR, so you can get lots of information from him. Unlike other guides, where they just lead you the way.
he is also funny and has so many talents. Make him do famous people's voices. 
You can text him thru a certain Arnel 09076004641 and he will just pass the message to Tatay Rod.
 Network signal is intermittent so please be patient and send text messages several times in a day.

Behind me is Mt. Binicayan,
The next mountain we climbed after getting down from Mt. Pamitinan.
This will be another post as you might get bored with so many photos.

Me: "So happy we reached Mt. Pamitinan's summit"
Kim: "Now, it's time for Mt. Binicayan. Tara, girl"

The only way to go to the next mountain is to go down.
The left mountain is Mt. Pamintinan and opposite is Mt. Binicayan.

Please wait for my post on Mt. Binicayan.