Thursday, December 3, 2015

D'Project 10: Nacagang and Taccong Elementary School

D'Project 10 was meant to be in a small school far up on the mountains in Besao, Mountain Province.
I have coordinated with them two months or less before our target date. Sadly, when I contacted them 5 days we were set to go and bring the gifts, the teacher declined our offer and said to divert it to other schools.
We were so excited to meet the 40 kids and was sadden by this news.

So, the nearest we could go to is Sagada. With the help of Kuya Oscar Magwilang and Kuya Sotero Ngoloban, we were able to get to two primary schools in Sagada.

Originally, I was bringing 6 volunteers but 3 only made it.

We brought school supplies. There were people who donated clothes, slippers and books.

Volunteers Danica, MJ and Dojie.

After traveling for 12 hours, we worked on the loot bags.
Having fun while working.

From our lodge, we went directly to Nacagang Primary School.
Since we've already blessed Taccong Primary School last 2013,  the Taccong kids went to Nacagang.

Trek was around 45 minutes going up with the sun smiling really hard.

We took the harder route (because I took the wrong turn) but still made it.

We hadn't had lunch so we munched on what they offered us, bread and mountain tea.

Danica, an IT graduate, looked into their non-functioning computer.

Our message to the kids is always to study at their best.

Giving out the loot bags.

We played games.

Every kid was able to get prizes.
Look at her smile!

Bonding with the kids.

With the Nacagang and Taccong teachers.

Our class photos.

Thank you to all the people who made this project possible.

Oscar Magwilang
Sotero Ngoloban
Kevin Magwilang

Pretty May


Marife and family



Melody and her kids
for the clothes and foot wear

Marvs for lending her Beats speakers to use for our program.

Till our next Project!

For more of D'projects previous outreach programs, visit the link below.



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