Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mt. Pulag: The first encounter

I've heard and seen so much about Mt. Pulag and so I decided to visit it.
We've attempted once but it is hard to plan a climb if you are alone or a few number of heads.
I contacted an organizer where I joined a group tour with them.

I thought it was a small group.
Then a bus came to pick me up.

I was very disappointed.
They placed me on the center seat which at the end of the trip gave me back aches.

When we got to Baguio City, we hopped in to what they call "monster jeeps"
I don't know why they call it that. It looks pretty ordinary to me.

ann d explorer

From Baguio City, we headed to Bokod which got us there like an hour and a half.
The roads were the usual Cordillera roads.

February 14, we were there. Apparently, hundreds of people were there to celebrate Heart's Day.
Our group alone was around 50 plus heads.
The organizer did not let everyone attend the orientation at the DENR. Only a few attended it.

We bought our lunch and freshen up before we started our trek.
There are stores and lodges at the Ranger station.

ann d explorer

Cute kids with their rosy cheeks.

I was surprised to see sir Ket, a traveler I met in one of my travels. He was with his wife.
 He was part of our huge group. Thank God, I saw a familiar face.
Here are some of the hikers I met.

ann d explorer

Another familiar face, April from our church.

I saw a lot of unexpected familiar faces from my travels.
This is Jerome from Sagada and Batanes travels.
There were more but I wasn't able to take a photo.

300 pesos (as of Nov 2015) for every 15kg for a porter's service.
I carried my backpack.

A busy trail.
The weather at the start of the day looked really good.

Then after a few meters, it was foggy.
Since sir Ket trekked Pulag about a gazillion times, we decided to advance.
The organizer was still gathering his 50 heads which took forever.

Together with sir Ket's wife, ma'am Tina.
It was already drizzling when we reached Camp 1.
Along the way, there are water sources. Well not many of them. I just noticed one.

We reached Camp 2 from the jump start in 3 hours.
See how super strong the porters are. This is just one bag. I've seen them with 3 bags.
The locals are like ants. They are tiny but they can carry more than their weight.

We pitched tent at Camp 2 extension. It was really muddy.

A comfortable place was inside the tent. 

Sipping hot soup on a freezing day.

The most comfortable place was inside the organizer's tent. 
All the things one needs, is inside. Glad I was in it.

I never went out when I got inside the tent. 
I had layers of shirts, a fleece jacket, a fleece blanket and layers of socks.
Freezing cold because it was raining with winds the whole night.

I had to wear my bonnet up to my neck to keep my skin from being exposed to the cold.

Nothing to do inside the tent. 
See vidclip.
The weather was better but not that great. 
For sure, no sea of clouds at the summit.
No one went to the summit.


ann d explorer

It looked like a city up on the mountains.

ann d explorer

We had a guide to bring us to the nearest peak. It was just the the three of us who went up.

We had fun even if it was freezing up there.
We shared 

The camp site behind us.

I had the porter bring back my backpack because it was wet and heavier.
It was still drizzling.

Trek was slower this time because of the queue of hikers going down.

Oh well....My first Pulag experience.

Wait for my next post on Pulag. My sweet revenge!