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Where to eat in Sagada

I am a bad food blogger just because I don't have the skill to take photos like the others, I have very limited words to describe the taste (Yum, yummy and delicious) and I tell the truth.

I have told a lot of things about Sagada which you can check it out on this LINK.
A lot of the tourists would ask about the food and restaurants. Hmmm . . . okay. Let's try this. This is all based on my taste buds, my experience and my preference.


The place is pretty small and very basic. 
Nothing special with the ambiance.

I like having breakfast here because I like their omelette.
I don't know about the rest of the menu because this is my regular order.

They are known for their coffee especially the ALAMID coffee.
I remember the last time I was here, they opened the door to their storage room where the coffee beans are and it smelled caffeine heavenly. 

Bana's cafe

Alamid Coffee are expensive in Sagada.

It was popular before because they serve veggie meat.
This year, it became more popular because of the movie THAT THING CALLED TADHANA

cafe gaia

What I like about this resto is the place.

They opened around 9-ish when I went there.

As mentioned, they serve veggie meat.
Here's their menu as of May 2015

I got the Vegetarian Adobo and it was good . . .  just a little salty.

The view is awesome.
Selfie outside the cafe.

ann d explorer

Selfie inside the cafe.

kapay aw

It rained when I stayed there but still the view was awesome.
Kapay-aw rice terraces.

I had a crush on JM Rodriguez after watching That Thing Called Tadhana.
Hoping to meet a JM . . .  which I actually did. Though I was expecting the real guy JM. Instead I met Jerica Marie a.k.a JM who works there hehehe

I don't have much photos on this restaurant.
If you're not familiar with the place, you'll surely miss this resto.
Landmark is the SAGGAS office. It is right beside their office and beneath the resto are souvenir shops and Saggas guides sitting by the steps.

The food is average.
There are times I like the food and there are times I don't.
But what keeps me coming back here are the staff. They are nice.

This place is pretty new.

My friend said they have the best hot choco.
So I ordered one. 
It was not the best for me but it was perfect on a freezing weather on a December.

Our experience. We ordered this chicken meal. It was like 200 pesos that comes with a dessert but because it was late, they ran out of dessert. We were waiting for a replacement or the price would go down. Sadly, it didn't.
The taste was okay. Nothing special.  

We met the owner. I forgot his name. He's the guy with specs beside me.

It's called fast food but I'd say they have more of a restaurant set-up.
You order and then they'll cook it.
It's a little cheaper than the rest.

Though it is reliable on being open always when the rest are closed and/or ran out of food.

The food is average.
Menu as of May 2015

This is far from the town. 
You got to watch out for these signs.

If you want to be away from the busyness of the town, this is a good place.

They have the biggest space I've seen in Sagada which I like and few people.

We had breakfast here and it's your usual brekky food.
I wanted my eggs poached. I was just shy to ask if they know how.
So I ended up with this,

I loved the dogs who hung around.

This is a popular place in Sagada though it is not for everyone especially if you are not used to lemons.

It's different. You don't see this pie around Manila.
It's good for "pasalubong" but make sure that the people you are bringing the pie to likes sour pies.
It's not that sour really but it is different to what we are accustomed to.
Buy a slice for 25 pesos, taste it first before ordering boxes.
They are freshly baked. There would be times they would ran out.
If you plan to bring home boxes of lemon pies, make sure you order it a day before you leave sagada.

where to eat in sagada

They don't have much on their menu.
We tasted their chicken and it was alright. (see...I am very profound in my food blogger language)

The place has its coziness especially when there aren't people around.

where to eat in sagada

where ot eat in sagada

where ot eat in sagada

Also popular in Sagada.
My first visit was the worst.
Zero for customer service.
The waitresses were grouchy, impatient and sarcastic.
That was like 2011 and I swore to never go back.

But I still went back just because everyone I brought to Sagada wanted to try it.
Updates: The staff are nicer now.

They have a small balcony that can fit a number.
Not a view point so don't expect much.

where to eat in sagada

Just like the lemon pie, yogurts are not for everyone.
They are not ice cream guys!

Presentation wise. Good Job.

where to eat in sagada

This is the usual Sagada resto look.

I remember our first time in Sagada way back 2011, we had a dog that followed us everywhere in town. He waited for us while we were at Yogurt House. This was the dog looking up on us.

Last year, I met Sambo, a beautiful Siberian husky.

I think this is more of a resto bar.

Sagada restaurant

I got confused with the theme of the resto but creative.
When I was there, choice of music I heard were reggae and country music.

I was disappointed at my adobo. The meat weren't tender. The staff were nice.

I ate at Masferre and Pinikpikan House but because I am such a great food blogger, I did not take pictures. I will when I get back in a few weeks. Want to join?

Things to remember/consider when you explore the restaurants in Sagada:
1. They cook as you order. Give around max of 15 - 20 mins. for them to prepare.
2. The food on the menu may not be available. They usually market only what can be consumed in a day and when you're late, you may not have it.
3. Food is a little pricey like 120 to 200 pesos.
4. Carinderia food are also expensive. Say around 90 pesos.
5. Don't expect it to be the same taste as the restos in Manila. Be an explorer. Accept how food are being cooked in a certain place.
6. We have different taste buds. So, get your own experience with these restos.

I hope to explore the other restos and add more to these. I will try to be a better food blogger hahaha for now my reviews are based on a regular person who likes to explore.




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