Monday, July 27, 2015

Miao Cat Cafe

My friends, Jan, Jane and I went for a road trip and decided to go to Maginhawa where there is this one restaurant with cats inside. Unfortunately, we were too early so we decided to go for a similar cafe that is located in Quezon City also.

Miao Cat Cafe is at 2/F #7 Congressional Ave, Quezon City.
It is in between Cherry Fooderama and KFC corner Mindanao Ave. which is at the corner. It is on the Cherry Fooderama side. You have to really look at the buildings as it is really a small place. First think you'll see is the Cake2Go at the ground floor. They have like two parking spaces so if you are bringing a car, you can park at KFC.

Visiting hours
11.00am - 1.00pm; 2.00pm - 4.00pm; 5.00-7.00pm; 8.00pm-10.00pm 

Checklist before entering
ann d explorer

Read the waiver and sign.
ann d explorer

Miao house rules

Our entrance fees were consumable to one food and one drink and we're allowed to stay for two hours.
Again, that's 300 pesos for adults and 150 pesos for kids
(rate as of June 2015)


Cute souvenirs.

I ordered mac n' cheese. Nothing special.

Jan ordered Pesto. Nothing special too. He wasn't able to finish it.

Some of the cats would be around when you're eating but they aren't like dogs that would wait around.
The cats did not beg for food.
You can't feed them with human food as seen as on the Miao house rules above.

Each cat has their own personality.
There was this cat who is not interested on food but is very much interested on straws.
This sphinx was just smelling the tea.


They have their own eating and drinking area.
I did not see where their litter box was.

 Charkie, the first cat we met was waiting on our table with the menu.
ann d explorer

While waiting for our order, we played with Charkie.
The place is clean and odor is not an issue.

I liked the design of the small cafe. Very artsy.

You can use these paw gloves. 

This is creative.
Cat and Fish together???

Apparently, the fish was ignored.

Now it's time to play with them. 
Look . . . this cat looks interested already.


 This wasn't. 
Do Not Disturb (House rule)
It was asleep the whole time we were there.

ann d explorer

The sphinx is ugly because it does not have any fur.

But it was the sweetest cat we encountered.

Jan fell in love with them and wanted to take 'em home. 
Actually noone can take 'em home. They have chips or tracker with them.

This sweetie wants the spotlight.

ann d explorer

Everyone was busy with all the cats there.
The host said there are 40 plus cats from different breeds. Some were in the vet or other house for grooming.
She said that Miao Cat Cafe is the first one in the Philippines.

Cats everywhere!!!
Under the table.

On top of the table. 

At the corner.
I want to have this.

 A the top on their bed.


 Walking around.

We found out that Jane wasn't that fond of cats hahaha
So she took a cat nap.

We got a photo bomber with us.

Now, it's selfie time with these lovely cats.
The others were pretty hard to catch.
ann d explorer

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

You got to love this tip box.

Watch the video.

After 2 happy hours, we had to leave. 
It is a good stress reliever.
I love cats!
Before you leave, don't forget to brush off those cat hairs.

I shall return!



Great review...Hope you can review other cat cafes too. Always wanted to visit one.

What do you mean by "Nothin special",pertaining to mac n cheese and pesto?

Hi Ricky, it was something that can be done on a microwave. That sort of thing.

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