Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Diura Batanes

I told my guide, Ryan Cardona that I wanted a new place to go to where we can share some blessings to kids. He then said "Diura Fishing Village"

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Sitio Diura is found at the east of Mahatao town proper and is the home of fishermen.
I wanted to go fishing but the waves were too strong.

The place is beautiful.

It's not your Boracay powdery beach but the view is as fantastic.


I met a couple who just had their honeymoon.
Behind us is Mt. Iraya.

A mini-trek which will take 5 to 10 minutes.
Don't be discouraged. They are just careful on their steps. he he he

This awesome view greeted me.
The weather was a little chilly.

ann d explorer


 With our guides, Ryan and Mark.
To contact Ryan Cardona (who I call Ryan Cardenas which I don't why)
His numbers are 09158034582 or 09192795963



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