Sunday, July 12, 2015

Callao Cave Penablanca

On our way to Palaui Island, we planned a side trip to the famous chapel inside a cave in Penablanca. Tourist would always say that it's in Tuguegarao just because it is the city right next to it. Penablanca is the first municipality of Cagayan Valley that is next to Tuguegarao.

We had to haggle with tricycle drivers in Tuguegarao city.
Standard rate is 700 pesos for a rented tricycle.
He gave us 500 pesos.
That's Kuya David Maramag, our driver.

We were six so we had two tricycles.

It was around 45 minutes ride estimate to be around 24km from Tuguegarao.
There were two routes going here.
One is going up where it is the long way up. Most of the road is paved and some are under construction.

The other route is shorter but it will require you to take a boat to get to the place. Which will cost you 20 pesos per person for the boat ride.

When we got there, we saw the stairs.
We thought this was the one but it wasn't.
I wonder where this is heading.

Entrance fee rate as of April 2015

We did not get any guide.
We weren't doing spelunking since we had a very limited time.


Guidelines that you should read.
Better read it now here than when you get there :)

Kuya David our driver said we have to prepare to climb a steep number of steps.
But it wasn't that many . . .  well for someone like me who has climbed 1000 of steps in other places.

The entrance

Since we did not have a guide, we relied on whatever literature was posted.
This was a bad one. Too high, too far to read for someone who is shortsighted ..
. and that would be me.

So I went for the lower ones.
In 2007, Armand Salvador Mijares found fossils and believed to be the remains of a Callao Man which was around 67,000 years old. Now how did they know that? I don't know. :)

The first part of the cave is very spacious.
It is a limestone cave.

It was holy week when we went there so there were so many people around.
We couldn't get a photo without other people in it.

So, the locals made a chapel inside.
Though that time it looked like a tourist spot where everyone can take photos anywhere.


What I liked about it is that it is lit by natural light.


This is the hole on top where the light at the altar comes from.

Not a Catholic. Not a believer on idols but I just need to have one shot.

Not sure what was wrong with my camera.
No effects on this. 
My white blouse was just glowing on all  my shots.
No miracle here ha ha ha



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