Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mt. Gulugod Baboy

I joined another mountaineering group to go to Mt. Gulugod Baboy or GB for short.
It is located in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas which is just a few hours from Manila.

Our jump off was at Philpan Dive Resort where we parked our van.
We had breakfast and brought packed lunch.
This is just a minor climb which requires half a day only.

Food was yummy.

Then we saw something interesting.
Meet the rhinoceros beetle.
"Uwang" in tagalog.

When they were getting it, the beetle clung on to my palm. 
It got stressed. 
I got stressed.
Sir Orly got stressed while I clung on to him.

Gulugod Baboy

Sir Emman tried not to get the beetle stressed.
In short, everyone got stressed.

From the resort, we started our walk on a paved road. 
Paved road are always the hardest for me.

You'll see signs of stores along the way.

Register for 10 peso per person.

Jump off area next to the place we registered.

The real trek starts.

We stopped by at the first house we saw.

We talked to the locals.
We played with the vegetables.

Selfie with Ate.

It took us less than an hour.
We're almost there...

When we got up, we saw this foreign family.
It was sweet to have the parents show these lads the beauty of nature.

There were few trees up there. 
We took a lot of time under the shades before advancing.


"'s home from work we go" :)

Gulugod Baboy

Going up the summit.
Cows everywhere.

Sir Bang with a cow.

The cows were nice.

Gulugod Baboy

Playing tug-of-war with the cow

I am always the opposite.

Summit panaroma

We then headed back.

Halo-halo break

For a day hike, it was worth it. 
Gulugod-Baboy is 525 MASL, Diffculty is 2/9.
A walk on the park :)

Gulugod Baboy

Gulugod Baboy

***Credits to my fellow mountaineers for some of the photos