Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Isla De Gigantes Part 1

Our trip in Isla de Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo was very memorable. 
We were 5 tourists stranded in an island for 5 days because of Typhoon Ruby.
I have lots of stories here so it will be divided into different posts.
This is the first installment.

We were able to do the island hopping on our last day.
You can do this on a half day.


We had our own gadgets.
We started working on our gadgets and monopod.

What to do on a sandbar?

Solo jump shot.

bantigue sandbar

Group shot.

isle de gigantes

From the sandbar, behind me is Cabugao Island which was our next stop.


The island from afar.
It is near Bantigue Sandbar.
20 pesos/person entrance (as of March 2015)

We did a mini rock climbing.

It is not hard as how it was shown in the TV show of Drew Arellano.
Well...I like these kind of activities so I found it fun.

The view from the top.

Emo shots.


View on the other side.

The view of Bantigue Sandbar from Cabugao Island.

A video of me while going down the rocks.

Can you find me in this photo?

A closer shot.

360 video shot


Houses on the island.

A dog greeted me.

Another find-me photo.

This beach is the recommended place for snorkeling.
If you do not have snorkeling gears, you can rent one for 50 pesos.

Here is a video of underwater. Not too many fish though

Please wait for my other installment on Isla de Gigantes.



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