Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Isla De Gigantes Part 1

Our trip in Isla de Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo was very memorable. 
We were 5 tourists stranded in an island for 5 days because of Typhoon Ruby.
I have lots of stories here so it will be divided into different posts.
This is the first installment.

We were able to do the island hopping on our last day.
You can do this on a half day.


We had our own gadgets.
We started working on our gadgets and monopod.

What to do on a sandbar?

Solo jump shot.

bantigue sandbar

Group shot.

isle de gigantes

From the sandbar, behind me is Cabugao Island which was our next stop.


The island from afar.
It is near Bantigue Sandbar.
20 pesos/person entrance (as of March 2015)

We did a mini rock climbing.

It is not hard as how it was shown in the TV show of Drew Arellano.
Well...I like these kind of activities so I found it fun.

The view from the top.

Emo shots.


View on the other side.

The view of Bantigue Sandbar from Cabugao Island.

A video of me while going down the rocks.

Can you find me in this photo?

A closer shot.

360 video shot


Houses on the island.

A dog greeted me.

Another find-me photo.

This beach is the recommended place for snorkeling.
If you do not have snorkeling gears, you can rent one for 50 pesos.

Here is a video of underwater. Not too many fish though

Please wait for my other installment on Isla de Gigantes.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

D'Project 8: Ngibat, Tinglayan, Kalinga

I decided one day to scout for a school to bless in Kalinga.
January 2015, I went to Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga to do an ocular visit. I noticed the kids were approaching us and asking for candies. This is a sign that the place is touristic and found out that a lot of people and organizations are doing outreach programs here. So I decided to go for another place. With the help of Teacher Glory in Buscalan, she recommended Barangay Ngibat.

I brought with me three volunteers.
Jayvee, Alex and Lance.

victory liner

Ngibat is in Tinglayan, Kalinga.
We took a bus from Manila going to Tabuk and got there after 11 hours and 30mins.


From Tabuk, we took a jeepney going to Bontoc, Mountain Province which will pass Tinglayan.

Even if there were only 5 passengers inside the jeepney, we opt to do a topload.
Better view up there.

But we only stayed up on the jeepney for less than 30 minutes because our contact in Ngibat, Teacher Lucia followed our jeepney and had us go down.

They had their own vehicle so we got this ride.
The man in yellow is Teacher Lucia's husband.
It was a long and warm ride. Good thing we got off the jeepney as this was more convenient.

Ngibat is way up on the mountains.

The school of 88 kids.
We were not able to peep inside because it was locked.

A joint effort of the Aglican Board of Mission-Australia and the people of Ngibat, a school was built.

With Teacher Lucia.

The local kids are very strong. They carried all the things we brought at ease.

The donations that we had to commute.

The gift bags.

Supplies for the Teachers.
Note pads
Sticky notes
Yellow pads
Color paper

Crepe papers
Lesson plan books

Little girls' clothes, slippers and bags.
Adult jeans

Plastic baloons
Writing notebooks
Composition notebooks
Pencil cases

Pencil sets
Industrial Sharpeners


From the school, we went down at the village.

They served us the Kalinga coffee.
The best local brewed coffee I have ever tasted.

We were invited at the Barangay Captain's house.
When we got there, people were gathered and eating.

I asked what the occasion was and they said it was to welcome us.


After lunch, we headed to the Barangay office to do our packing.

To be fast, just like with the previous D'projects, we had a process.


In a bag, a kid gets notebooks, notepads, pencils, erasers,
sharpener, pencil case, crayon and little toys.

There was a girl and boy's set.

While we wait for the program to start, we mingled with the kids.

Roy Layao was the host of the program.

Emilio Yag-ao, the Barangay Chairman

We had a couple of Elders who gave their welcome messages.

Miguel Atumpa, a staff from NCIP Kalinga.

Another elder.

Paway Gannac

This is Albert Gayyaman.
An elder who was sweet to sing for us.
We did not understand the song as it was in their dialect but they said that it was about thanking us that we were there and if we were single, maybe we can find someone there.
Something like that. he he he

We were asked to introduce ourselves and give a message.

The older kids all dressed up for their presentation.

I find the dances in the Cordilleras very interesting.
It was  nice to watch the Kalinga dance.

Courtship dance

Video of the dance.

They also asked us to dance with them.

With the dance group

The Audience

After the presentation, we had the kids lined up to receive their gifts.



My observation: most of the Cordillerans carry their bags using their heads.


We also supplies for the Teachers!

We called the mothers with the babies.

Gave them vitamins for the babies.

Ngibat Tinglayan Kalinga

We gave the surplus to the Midwife,

Aside from the school supplies, we had other donations to give.

Little ones trying out slippers.

Ngibat Tinglayan Kalinga

Cute little clothes for the little ones.

Then they fed us again.
These were interesting and yummy local food.
Sticky rice, sweet potatoes and rice wine.

After our tummies were filled, we had the GAMES!

Balloons are always a winner to the kids.

We had games for the adults too.
Prize: Pants.

More games.

Random photos of the Ngibat kids.

Ngibat Tinglayan Kalinga


Lance is one of the volunteers. He doesn't have a lot of pictures because he was the photographer.
Here's a solo picture :P to acknowledge him.

Ngibat is part of the five Butbut tribes of Kalinga.
They are notoriously known in the history as the Headhunters.
There is nothing to fear to visit this place.
They are nice, grateful and hospitable people.

Self-we with the locals.

Our wonderful hosts, the Tiwang family inside their house.

We did not expect anything in return but they gave us their harvests.
Sweet potatoes, Red rice, Sticky rice, White rice, Kalinga coffee and Squash.
Really sweet of them.

MANJAMANA' is "Thank You" in Kalinga's dialect.
Forever grateful to D'Project's regular sponsors and to the new sponsors.

The kids, parents, teachers, local officials and the rest of the locals of Ngibat send their gratitude and prayers to the sponsors.

Video clip of the Sponsors.

Without them, D'Project 8 will not be possible in making these kids smile
and encourage them to study .

For our previous D'Projects, visit HERE

Hope you'll be with us on our next D'projects!!!