Friday, March 13, 2015

Guimaras Land Tour

I have always thought that Guimaras was in Iloilo.
It is always associated with each other. Well, maybe because the  way to Guimaras was through Iloilo. If there are other routes, I am not aware of it yet.

The easiest and the only way I know (he he he) from Manila is via Iloilo International Airport which by far is the nicest airport I have been to here in the Philippines.

Hi handsome...I mean Hi ILOILO!

From the airport, there were vans that waited for us to get to SM City Iloilo which was almost an hour ride.

You don't need to get a cab to get to the port unless you really have a budget. 
We took the jeepney because we know where to put our extra money he he he.
It was two short rides to Ortiz Wharf.

The 15 minute pump boat ride is cheap. 
It was more than 10 pesos and less than 20. (he he he I forgot the exact rate)  Reason why I don't put rates on my blog is because it might be outdated. But this is just to let you know how to estimate. 

Sadly when we went there, it was raining!
Though, this didn't stop us from enjoying Guimaras!

When we got to Jordan wharf (pronounced as HORDAN),
we registered but no fees was collected.

We hired a tricycle to take us around Guimaras for the land trip.

I had the BEST SEAT!
(If this was in a city or in Manila, this would be the most AWKWARD SEAT)

I wanted to try driving it though.

First stop.
It looked like other plazas in the Philippines but what the heck . . . it's a tourist spot.
We still took photos.


guimaras smallest plaza

Outside the museum. It was closed. Our guide said they are renovating it.


Because it was drizzling, I was the only one outside.
Actually, we were the only tourists then.

Well....what to do when the museum is closed?


Not part of the tour but my wandering feet led me here which was right next to the museum.


It wasn't mango season so if you plan to go here, make sure it's harvest season.

Talk about saturation on this photo he he he




We weren't able to see the light house because we got there at 5.20pm and it closed around 5pm.
The care taker went home.
It was a long ride going up there and we got disappointed when we did not see it

This is what we only saw.

A resort nearby

You can do the land tour in half a day.

On our way back to Iloilo City, 
my friend dropped her iPhone on the road while on the tricycle.
Good thing there was a good Samaritan who answered the phone and was willing to give it back. 

My friend gave a few hundreds willingly to the person but sadly he asked for more money.
What a good Samaritan!
tsk tsk tsk

It was sunny the day we went home. 
The whole time we were there it was raining.
Too bad.

Our very nice guide, Kuya Cherald Padojenog.
Contact him at 0908 474 8122

This is Tatay Padojenog. Kuya Cherald's dad who picked us up and brought us back at the wharf.

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