Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mt. Nagchajan

The title of this blog post seemed like I trekked Mt. Nagchajan in Mayoyao, Ifugao.
Well . . .  I really was here but we went up using a motorcycle.

We woke up at 4am just so we can see the sunrise.
We did not have any guide with us and were just given directions by locals.

It was a steep rough road going up though it was just a few meters only.

When we got to what it looks like a view deck, we saw this.

ann d explorer

I really read this sort of things especially when I don't get a guide.
It is very important for me to know the place.

It is in Tagalog so I will just translate a summary of what it says.
The place is a historical marker where the Japanese forces fought with the combined forces of the American and Filipino soldiers way back 1945 (It doesn't say but I read it somewhere that this was towards the end of the World War II) They fought from July 25 - August 9, 1945 and they won Mayoyao from the Japanese. The following month, the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita surrendered in another municipality of Ifugao which is in Kiangan.

We did not expect this. 
We were just after the sunrise.
I was happy with what we explored.

As we sat and light came, we enjoyed the view . . .
to realize that there was no sunrise there.
We were at the wrong side or wrong place.
We need to go way up on the mountain but it was already too late when we realized that. 
The sun was already up.

It wasn't that bad. 
Aside from learning about what had happened there, we had a gorgeous view.

The Mayoyao Rice Terraces are wider compared to that of in Banaue, Hungduan and Kiangan.

It was a great view deck up there.
You can see from this photo how wrong we were. Look at the sun on the mountains.
I guess this place is for SUNSET.

Enjoying the weather, the fresh air, the serenity . . . and oh . . .  my eyes are closed here.
I might have taken a cat nap because we woke up too early.



Sunday, January 11, 2015



It is a province in the Western Visayas. It is a province filled with historical churches.
The people are called Ilonggo. Their dialect is called Hiligaynon, which is very sweet sounding when they talk. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Food Trip In Western Visayas

To be honest, I have been in Iloilo three times
and there is only one thing I enjoyed on those visits.


Let me share to you what I enjoyed most and did not!


We went to THE GRILLERS which is located in the heart  of the town.

The Griller's menu (as of October 2014)

Guimaras is known for their MANGOES.

I liked their Mango Pizza.
Though I'd say it fits better still as a dessert more than as a main course.


Mango Bulalo
The mango was not the main taste here. 
The bulalo has a peanut butter taste which was just a tiny bit of a distraction.
This wasn't for me.


Go to their Pasalubong stores and you'll see these.

Sorry I cannot make any recommendations as I wasn't able to buy.
We did not have any check-in baggage and we couldn't bring these in as hand-carry.
Mango Sauce, Mango Ketchup, Mango Honey 
and Pickled Mango.

Not my favorite because it's messy when you eat it though it has an average taste.

Made by the Monks.
Mango tart.

Another messy delicacy but I like this one.
Mango Barquillos.


What do you order when you're near the beach???

BEFORE eating

Garlic Shrimp is goooood!

The Grilled Squid was average though it was fresh and not chewy which I liked.

This was the BEST SELLER ever!!!!
This was like PhP200 and good for 3 people.
The best crab dish ever for me!
We ordered this twice. We kept coming back for it but they ran out of crabs because there were so many people ordering it.

This was the result. The AFTER eating photo.


This is located just beside SM City - Iloilo City.

The Beef burrito was good but not as good as my favorite Mexicalli burrito.

They serve Mexican food which I love.
Here's their menu 
(as of October 2014)

This place is all over the internet as a must-go-and-eat place so even if it is a bit far from the city, we traveled to go here.
By the way, don't believe the cab drivers that there's no jeepneys going here because there are.

Buttered scallops.
It was okay but not as yummy as what we read on reviews.

We were expecting the crabs like in Raymen's but they didn't have one.
Instead we had this Crab Meat cooked in green peas and corn which was nothing special.

It was a beach front restaurant but I'd describe it as a pricey carinderia place.

Crez had a coconut.


We had breakfast at DECO'S by Breakthrough.
Again, nothing special.
For me, it is just a little pricey ordinary tasting food.

We had Hungarian sausage and Tortang talong.

I really like Iloilo's batchoy. I've tasted it in Ilonggo Grill in Manila. 
They said the best and original batchoy is in La Paz.
La Paz is a place in Iloilo.
They said the original La Paz Batchoy is Netong's.
So off we went there.
It is a small carinderia type inside the public market.


We were not a fan of the regular White Puto but we were told that we should order it because it goes well with the batchoy

Hmmm....I think I got used to Ilonggo Grill's Batchoy and I prefer that.
Netong's was I think just simple tasting. 
La Paz Batchoy

Menu (as of December 2014)


I, again saw this from Drew Arellano's show.
This was also found in the same public market as Netong's. Just a few turns.

Drew's name.

For PhP25, I got a cup of Brewed Coffee which again for me, was not what I expected. I expected a lot from different blogs I read. this was just ordinary.

But I must say what I liked here was the hospitality. I didn't get to talk to Madge but someone related to her. If my memory serves me right, her name is Josefina Dela Cruz. She was the sweetest and that made it memorable for me.


We stayed at Hideaway Inn.
Make sure before you order, you ask how much it is. We were a victim of high service charge here.
They usually serve the catch of the day.

This was goooood.
Fish cooked with black beans in spicy and sweet sauce.

Reason why we went to this place was because I love the Biyahe Ni Drew show where they recommended this. I guess we have different taste buds. For me it was average.
Sizzling scallops
Scallops are everywhere in Isla de Gigantes.

This was a funny breakfast.
Look at that half of a longganisa (filipino hotdog)
Salted fish is also a product of the island. It is really salty hehehe. Best with vinegar.

Served on my birthday.
I liked fried fish, squid and adobo!!!

I ate fresh oysters!
I liked it.

The only crab found in days being on the island!

After being stranded for 5 days in the island because of Typhoon Ruby,
I got my crabs!!!


And you thought that was over????


This airport was nice and the food was not as expensive as in Manila.

We tried the Cro-nut. It is a combination of Croissant in a form of a doughnut. 

It was Apple's birthday and we surprised her with these little treats from the airport.

This is a photo I just have to share.
We were already inside the plane and Apple decided to eat her treats.
Look at the flight attendant behind us.
Trying to be patient as she waits for us to finish our photo shoot before she can tell us to buckle our seat belts.

I think some restaurants and food were sensationalized by writers and travel shows. I am not a food blogger but just an ordinary person who likes to eat. I relied too much on reviews on the restaurants and their food that I got disappointed in some. But don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my Iloilo food trip. You really have to explore and experience it yourself to be the judge of