Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cambulo, Banaue

Cambulo is a barangay in Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines.
I decided to have a different birthday that year, days after my dad died.
All the hurt and loneliness was gone when I went to Cambulo.

Trip to Cambulo has a schedule. My first day was a waste of time because the Cambulo or known as  the"Cambodia" jeepney was in the garage.

So we did the hard way.

We took a tricycle going to Kinakin (jump-off) and started the trek

We left late in the afternoon and it drizzled along the way.

Until we hit dark.

Then we got help.
The Governor was in Cambulo. Our host had us picked up with the Governor's pick-up.
This was the time also the locals thought I was the daughter of Governor Habawel since we had the same face features and they thought I was doing the outreach because my "dad" was running again in the election.

It wouldn't be a pick-up if I did not ride with the locals at the back.
At first, it was a fun 5 minutes bumpy ride.
It was rough road all throughout for about 30 minutes and it was tiring.

Though I was still grateful. 
Imagine how many hours we would be trekking in the dark while it drizzle on and off.

The pick-up did not reach all the way because there was a landslide area.
Behind me you'll see it.
Later I'll show you the Day version as this is the Night version.
I also saw Governor Dennis Habawel in this area.


Rain fall at night.

Waiting area.
Before we went down in Cambulo.

This was where I stayed.
I was a special guest here but if you would like to rent a bed,
it's 250 pesos per head (as of 2014)

I was cold and I enjoyed a hot coffee after a hot shower on a cold night.

Locals in Banaue are talented when it comes to music. This guy played some country music.

This is Uncle Donato Lapawon, my generous host and owner of Cambulo Guest house.

My generous hosts who showed their hospitality during my stay.

The Cambulo kids.
Check out our outreach programs here.
First outreach
Second outreach

Food as per my taste buds were all good here.

The view in Cambulo

Ann d explorer

Locals would go in this spot to get a cellphone signal.
See that cellphone?

We went up to the place where we passed by the night before to get the donations.
The view that I did not see because it was dark.

Remember my first photo?
This is the waterfalls.

The landslide area.
This was where my so called dad and I crossed path the night before.

Cambulo behind me.


The Jeepney I was suppose to ride on.


Steep stairs going down to the village.

A local man flashing a beautiful smile

The old generation women usually have osteo problems.
Since they are left to work on the rice fields, you'll see most of them are like this.

Here's gran off to look for her food.

I stayed in a traditional house and I would always have visitors.

A man should always have their bolo knife.

I helped out by cleaning the dishes.

I was surprised that I still had an audience.
They said they never seen a guest wash dishes hahaha

I tried cooking with the way they cooked. 
Here's like a tube that I blow to get more fire.

I ate what they ate or in some...I just tasted. Like this little guy.
Frog that we got from the stream.

Chopping wood.

The traditional cook ware.

The 3-legged dog always waiting for our food.

I met a group of Manilenyos who did an outreach a day after I did one.

Bonding with the locals.

This man was drunk. Same position 3 hours after I first saw him.
You get to see a lot of people drinking in Banaue as this is their favorite past time and alcohol keeps their body warm from the cold temperature.

Leaving Cambulo going to Batad.

It took us around 2 hours.

I had a lot of resting moments. I have knee problems. I did not want to push it.

So whenever I felt I needed to rest my knee, I just sit anywhere hahaha

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