Saturday, November 22, 2014

Malinao Albay: Vera Waterfalls

As part of our Bicol backpacking, we visited Vera Waterfalls in Malinao, Albay, Bicol. We were staying at Tabaco City which was also located in Albay. We hired 2 habal-habal (motorcycle that can have three people) since we have backpacks with us.

In this photo, behind me is fellow blogger, Breakaway Jan.

On the way, it was a combination of concrete and rough roads.
Having a backpack was very uncomfortable.

From the parking lot, we had to go down to the falls which has concrete stairs.


A short bridge to cross over to the waterfalls.

Short but a little shaky which maybe scary for others.

It was your regular waterfalls.

It is not one of those jaw-dropping waterfalls.

ann d explorer

We were asked if we were going to swim but we decided not to because it was the first spot of our tour. Such a hassle to get wet on the first and only wet spot we will be going to.

With blogger, Breakaway Jan

Besides, the water was cold.

You can feel the water as it was windy.
Had a problem with getting my bangs down hehehe


The stream

A chat with the caretaker.

This is the caretaker.

Then I was approached to register.


Showed me papers where it said that there is no fee to visit the falls but a little donation would be appreciated. It also states where the donation will go to.

The tagalog version

The English version.

I saw a tent nearby and approached it to say hi and then I met these travelers who camped in the area.


We just stayed for around 30 minutes.
No restaurants or stores nearby so bring food with you if you want to stay longer.

Now it is time to go up the 172 steps.



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