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D'Project 7: Sitio Patyay, Mayoyao, Ifugao

We were on the Mayoyao bus bound to  D'Project 6 in Banao, Banaue when a local said that we should also be reaching out to Mayoyao too. Then I remembered when I was there 2013 when Madz, a friend and a nurse at the Mayoyao hospital invited me to do an outreach.

So..this was it.
D'Project visits Sitio Patyay, Mayoyao, Ifugao.
Teacher Brenda did a theme for us.

Patyay, Mayoyao

From Manila, we took the Tuguegarao bus (Victory Liner-Sampaloc) so we can go down to Santiago, Isabela.
It should take us only 9 hours but it took us 12 hours because our bus was fully packed with transferees from Victory buses which broke down.

From Victory Liner Terminal in Santiago, Isabela we took a tricycle going to Four Lanes Terminal. We could have walked but we got there 4.30am.

We took the CMJ Bus Lines bound to Mayoyao, Ifugao.
The bus left late from the schedule, it broke down and needs fixing (which we think they were pretending to fix it because they were just waiting for passengers), they were very slow like 30kph and culture was just different. People were very laid back unlike in the Metro, where everyone rushes to the bus. They were very different.
Our calculation was 6 hours. We arrived after 8 hours. 
3 hours if we had our own car.


Upon arriving in Mayoyao Poblacion, we had to go up to the Police station.


We had to register for monitoring and protection purposes.

We got a free ride to the jump-off from the Police mobile.

We started pretty late. 3 hours behind our schedule.

patyay, mayoyao

It was pretty easy going down and Kuya Albano (our local contact in Sitio Patyay) with the pace we were doing, he'd say we can do it 3 hours.
I was informed the locals do it in 3 hours. I gave our team around 4 to 5 hours.

Then the trail got a little rough as it is a combination of up and down.
Good thing it did not rain.
After an hour we discovered our own pacing. Some of us were a bit ahead of the others.

We slowed down when we hit dark. 
The last part was the hardest as it was a stairway to heaven. We can see the stars but they were hard to reach. 
We finally reached the school after 4 hours and 30 minutes.

There is no electricity here. 
Though they turned on the generator that they borrowed from the other sitio.
Our accommodation was at the school itself.  

patyay mayoyao

We did an ICE-COLD-more-than-a-BUCKET challenge since we had to bathe on freezing water. 
Aside from that, it was FREEZING COLD everywhere.

You have to look for your cellphone network signal.
Here, you had to hang your phone on a spot. The hi-tech phones don't work here. They must be the analog phones.

Even though we were so exhausted, we need to do what needs to be done.
We checked on all the supplies.
Sadly, we lost 5 boots. We did not know which part of the trip we lost it.
We looked for solutions and still tried to stay positive.

It was a freezing night sleep . . .  BUT
we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise!


This is it.
Patyay Primary School that has 34 kids with one room and two teachers.

Teacher Brenda. She is the head teacher of Sitio Patyay.

Teacher Rose. She is in charge of the little ones. Daycare students.

A Pledge of Rice.
This is the first I have heard of it. Cool.

I failed to see this the night before because I was so exhausted and I have poor eyesight.

We were all working together. Preparing the gifts outside the room.

Rain Boots.


Pencil cases with pencils and erasers

Crayons and pencils.

Bubbles and Pencil packages.

Party needs

For the teachers.
Industrial sharpeners, pastes, flash cards, manila paper, organizers, and charts.

Umbrella hats

Character string bags and a couple of school bags.





We had a whole day program with Teacher Brenda in charge.

This was a wonderful prayer presentation. I shed a tear. It was so touching.


Watch the Welcome song.

Christmas carol


Introducing the Elders.

Sitio Captain tells us his message.
He was very nervous but we sincerely felt his appreciation.

The parents sang a Christmas carol.

Kuya Albano telling us the story how this all started and how he got connected with D'Project.

We had to sing a Christmas carol too.

Dance presentation by the students.

patyay, mayoyao

patyay mayoyao

patyay mayoyao

Of course, the parents had to do the traditional dance too.
This is what I enjoy most when I am in the Cordilleras. 


The boat is sinking.

patyay mayoyao

We had a dance contest.

Because they have a cultural dance that makes them form in circle, they kept forming a circle even if we told them that they can do any dance step.

They had fun but they seriously need dance steps hahaha
(Calling out to the volunteers for the next D'Projects)


Longest Line.

Burst the Balloons

patyay mayoyao

We made the parents play also.

All the winners had prizes.

patyay mayoyao

Now, it was time for the gift giving.


patyay mayoyao

The turnover of the supplies for the teachers.

The mid-wife was not around so we gave the medicines to the teachers first so they can give it to the mid-wife.

Everyone had a good time even the parents.

Teacher Brenda with the mothers, dancing the Laundry dance.

The gong players.

As expected, we all danced.
(We had a special dance called Belinda dance. I will publish it once I have the file)


We brought noodles, hotdogs, marshmallows, juice and chips.
The parents were nice enough to help with the cooking.

patyay mayoyao ifugao

Preparing for our lunch food.


Lining up for food.


patyay mayoyao ifugao

patyay mayoyao ifugao

Enjoying his hotdog

We saw some older kids on the hill.
We shared the hotdogs to them.

To the Sitio Captain.

To Father.
(I think he is the religious head)

The Senior Citizens tasted the hotdogs too.

Happy tummy!


We were having fun giving out food.

We got hungry too. We ate in one plate hahaha

A thank you message

Watch and Listen to the message.

Watch the Thank you song video

The Patyay kids with the photos of all the sponsors.

Tokens given to the D'Project volunteers.

With the Tomecwa siblings, Marlon and Madz who assisted us.

Sponsors and the volunteers.

Albert and Dahlia
Franz and Arvie
Jenny B.
Gracie and Riel
Jenny R.
John M.
Lorrie and Windale
Mikel T.
Christian Chan & wife
Myleen P.
Tere H.
Melay & Evie
D'Project 6 Sponsors (there were leftovers from D'Project 6 that we gave it to Sitio Patyay)

Some of the Patyay kids with their SMILES.

We went down the following day. Started early. We were able to reach the jump-off after 4 hours. We expected to be faster but because it rained the night before, so it was muddy.

We had our shower and lunch at Madz and Joker Padiangan's house.
We thank them dearly for opening their doors to their place.

We decided to take another route home because the Santiago route was very long.

Took this jeepney bound to Banaue for 3 hours only.

Then we took Ohayami Bus back to Manila.

Exhausted once again but we accomplished our mission . . . with SMILES!

Photo credits to Dojie, MJ and Jenny.

If you want to be part of this, message me or go to this LINK



Congrats Ann..more projects to come!

Thanks John, LakwatserongOpisWorker and Ian :)

This is really nice! Me and my friends are actually are planning to go to Sitio Pat-yay to do the same!

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