Saturday, November 8, 2014

Camp at Mt. Ampacao

You can never run out of things to do in Sagada.
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I have been to Mt. Ampacao once and decided to go up again but with a different experience.

I was with a big group this time.

Mt. Ampacao is a minor climb. Trail is not that hard. We had Li'l Sid with us but with the help of our guide, William, there were times he had to carry him.

With blogger, Marco of

We did an afternoon trek.

At first it was sunny, then it became foggy..

Everyone had their own thing.
While I look for my tent in this photo.

Looking for my trek pole.
Where could it be?

When you see me wearing this sweater, you know that it's really cold.

We had the place to ourselves.

Look how the fog went down in a few minutes.

We tried to do everything to make us warm.
We danced.

The cold must have gone to our brain.

We saw one of our guides making a bonfire.

So I helped him.
Nah...I just tried carrying the wood and it was heavy.

I saw this kid eating  hmmm... I don't know it if I should call it a plant or fruit but it's something that they get it on the mountains and eat it. I forgot what it's called.'s something you would eat on a survival set-up  and not on your dessert plate.

This was the only time I tasted bad food on the mountains because we really didn't like how it was cooked. Good thing we had the cold weather to worry to cover up for our tummy problems.

Mt. Ampacao is also popular during the "ber" months because of the migratory birds.
IKIK is what the elders have been doing that is passed on to the next generation. This is where they would go up with their lamps at night with their improvised net to catch the birds and cook it.

Here's me holding the V-shaped bird catcher.

The guides showed me how to use it. Of course, it takes patience to be able to get a flock.

We saw young Igorot boys doing this.

The bonfire was just perfect for a freezing weather like this.

Even if we slept late, I made sure I woke up early to see the first light of the day.

Witnessed a nice sunrise

mt ampacao

ann d explorer

Photo shoot time!

It was still cold in the morning and the bonfire was still alive to keep us warm.

We had three SaGGAs Guides because we were a large group.

This is Kuya (I forgot his name) Fomeg-as.
He taught me the word "Matat-awow ka"

He showed and educated us about Pitcher plants.

Hee hee how sweet, he gave me one but a very tiny one hahaha
How in the world am I going to drink from here.

mt ampacao

Another guide is William Fomeg-as.

And their cousin, James Malidom.
There is water source up there.
We had this big container so the guides will just fetch water for us. 

We removed the fly sheet so I can feel the sun to make me warm.

My car was able to make it ;P

The hassle about being in a large group is that you need patience.
You have to leave as a group.
Waiting while the others pack up.
Good thing it was cold and the sun was a comfort.

Little Sid.

I was with EOC who I partnered with to help me out on D'Project Sagada outreach.

Find me! Find me! hehehe

Finally, we headed down.

It was easier.

It was faster.

Credits to EOC and everyone in the group who owns some of the photos I used.



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