Saturday, November 22, 2014

Malinao Albay: Vera Waterfalls

As part of our Bicol backpacking, we visited Vera Waterfalls in Malinao, Albay, Bicol. We were staying at Tabaco City which was also located in Albay. We hired 2 habal-habal (motorcycle that can have three people) since we have backpacks with us.

In this photo, behind me is fellow blogger, Breakaway Jan.

On the way, it was a combination of concrete and rough roads.
Having a backpack was very uncomfortable.

From the parking lot, we had to go down to the falls which has concrete stairs.


A short bridge to cross over to the waterfalls.

Short but a little shaky which maybe scary for others.

It was your regular waterfalls.

It is not one of those jaw-dropping waterfalls.

ann d explorer

We were asked if we were going to swim but we decided not to because it was the first spot of our tour. Such a hassle to get wet on the first and only wet spot we will be going to.

With blogger, Breakaway Jan

Besides, the water was cold.

You can feel the water as it was windy.
Had a problem with getting my bangs down hehehe


The stream

A chat with the caretaker.

This is the caretaker.

Then I was approached to register.


Showed me papers where it said that there is no fee to visit the falls but a little donation would be appreciated. It also states where the donation will go to.

The tagalog version

The English version.

I saw a tent nearby and approached it to say hi and then I met these travelers who camped in the area.


We just stayed for around 30 minutes.
No restaurants or stores nearby so bring food with you if you want to stay longer.

Now it is time to go up the 172 steps.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tanay: Calinawan Cave

Ever since I discovered spelunking as one of the coolest activities in Sagada I have done, I wanted to check out on all caves. I did not know there was one near our place.

I will be very heavy on photos and less information. Why?
Because I had a bad experience here.
The 200 pesos we paid for our guide was just a waste which I will tell later on . . . so I can put some text in this post :)

To get to the cave.
From Manila, go to Starmall EDSA Terminal and you'll see vans and jeepneys bound to Tanay. After an estimated time of 1 hour and 30 minutes, you'll reach the Tanay Terminal.
Go to the sign that says Rawang or Calinawan Cave.


We took the tricycle which cost us 25 pesos each (as of Oct 2014) You can rent the whole trike for 150 or go with the other passengers.

Nice road until you are near to the place.
Half is done and the rest, who knows when it'll be done.

Near the entrance you'll see this. At least, I gathered some information and this cost me nothing.

When we arrived, this guide was about to do an orientation to a big group.
We were advised to join the group which took us by surprise. We were hoping for our own guide but she was the only guide available.

We were behind the pack because we were just joiners.

This was the start of the tour.

Rock formation.
What do you see?
I liked it because it's all natural light in here.


Since it was a big group, we couldn't hear the guide who was way in front.
We just explored what our eyes could see.

There was one part where we had to go up and it was slippery.
Not everyone went up.

This is where we went up. Notice, no slippers on. He he he
It was a lot easier without it.

Behind the pack.

There were parts that you have to bend over.

I wanted to go up here but I was pissed that they kept rushing us.
They would wait for everyone to regroup and since we were the tail, by the time we got there, the information shared was done and they were leaving. Not giving us enough time to have our photos taken.


From the little information I heard was that Calinawan Cave is known for movies being shot here. What movies? We don't know because information was so far from us.

Here you'll see paints from what the entertainment industry did this to the cave.

You'll see combinations of fake and real crystals here.

This was my favorite part. I enjoyed it because of the natural light.


The exit was different from the entrance.

Was I happy? No. I was pissed. There should have been a ratio per guide. I did not like it that we paid for the same guide and did not get the same service. We were always rushed. Not because we were slow, but we were at the end of the pack. We did not get much information. I did not get the chance to enjoy the cave. Right after our exploration, I made sure I was heard by Tanay Tourism.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Banaue Rice Terraces

The best rice terraces I have seen so far is right at the Ifugao area.

To check on the different rice terraces in Ifugao, click here.  

 Batad Rice Terraces and Bangaan Rice Terraces are both part of Banaue Municipality but is not part of the Banaue Rice Terraces. The Banaue Rice Terraces is not a UNESCO Heritage because of the presence of modern structures.

It has different view points. 

I've passed the Banaue Rice Terraces several times and it really depends on the weather. My first time was all fog. Thank God for the sun this time.

The NFA - Aguian View Deck
The one printed in the PhP1,000 bill

They were asking for a PhP1,000 bill for me to check. I didn't have any ha ha ha
I just took their word for it.

Our guide teaching me how to ride the wooden scooter (only in Banaue)
I wasn't doing a good job so he just laughed at me.

You know me . . . I'd do anything. 

Main View Point

I'm glad to see the terraces. 

Good weather

Dayanara View Point
Named after the former beauty queen Dayanara Torres who shot a scene here.
My favorite view deck.

They have local clothes and accessories that you can try on for photo ops and you just donate any amount. This man was very nice to us.

With my friends Nina and Marco of