Monday, August 25, 2014

Wright Park

Horse-back riding is one of the known activities when you go to Baguio.
Before I would just pay 10 pesos in Mind's View to sit on a horse and have my photo taken.
Then I grew up . . .  ha ha ha and decided to move it up to the next level.

Wright Park is a park near the Mansion.


They have a circle park where there are horses, mostly ponies that you can rent to ride on it around the circle. I have never been a fan of the pink haired (which is obviously dyed hair) but it works for the public.

This is where you get to choose your ponies.

My niece.

My nephew and niece.
The kids seem to love it.

And the youngest nephew we had with us even took a shot. But this is only for photo ops.

The kids were adventurous, who am I not to try it then.
And I am not riding the pink horses.
I got me a STALLION.

Steve, the Stallion gave out a fart first ha ha ha

ann d explorer

Then we were off to our 30 minute stroll in the park.

I had fun with Steve, the Stallion.



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