Monday, August 25, 2014

Kabayan Fire Mummies

I am in love with the Cordillera Region in the Philippines
 and want to learn more about their culture.
So I decided to go and explore more places.

From Manila, I hopped on a Victory Liner bus going to Baguio City.

We went to Dangwa Terminal where we took a bus going to Sagada.
For just PhP80 (as of Feb 2014), we reached KM55

This is the jump-off. 
It says 6km to the Mummy Caves.

fire mummies

We went up to Mt. Timbac.
The road was elevated and paved.

The view was gorgeous.

Just a few meters, we saw Mangoto Elementary School.

We did not get any guide here because it was pretty expensive for us. 
A fellow mountaineer advised us to do a Do-It-Your own trip and become adventurous.
And so we did . . . our plan after the mummy caves was to go to Poblacion and sleep there.
Hmmm....12km more!

I would always stop to enjoy the view.

Then we met the gate keeper who holds the keys to the caves.
She was nice. We thought we would be have a hard time asking permission.


 But she gave us the keys right away!!!

It was a couple of steps going down.

 and a couple more....

Then we saw the gate.

You don't need a guide here.
Just follow the trail.

It was just a few meters to the mummy caves from the gate.

There it is!

fire mummies

We were given permission to take photos and videos of the mummies
 but was asked not to publish it in the internet.

Which I have full respect of the culture and people so I will not be posting it.

ann d explorer

I don't easily get creeped out like this one.
I went inside, open the coffins and had the gates closed.

Outside the first mummy cave.

I don't know what this is. It's like what they use for welders.
It was outside.

There was another mummy cave below which is just a few steps only.


This one was a smaller one.

I still went inside to check it out.

It was pretty cool and interesting.

Since we did not have any guide with us, we did not know the history.
What we did was, we went down to the town (I will have a separate post about the town) which was a few hours hike.
We paid PhP50 for the museum to know more about it.

The history of the Mummified Andcestors of the People of Kabayan.

Wright Park

Horse-back riding is one of the known activities when you go to Baguio.
Before I would just pay 10 pesos in Mind's View to sit on a horse and have my photo taken.
Then I grew up . . .  ha ha ha and decided to move it up to the next level.

Wright Park is a park near the Mansion.


They have a circle park where there are horses, mostly ponies that you can rent to ride on it around the circle. I have never been a fan of the pink haired (which is obviously dyed hair) but it works for the public.

This is where you get to choose your ponies.

My niece.

My nephew and niece.
The kids seem to love it.

And the youngest nephew we had with us even took a shot. But this is only for photo ops.

The kids were adventurous, who am I not to try it then.
And I am not riding the pink horses.
I got me a STALLION.

Steve, the Stallion gave out a fart first ha ha ha

ann d explorer

Then we were off to our 30 minute stroll in the park.

I had fun with Steve, the Stallion.