Sunday, July 27, 2014

Noventa Road

I've never blogged about a road but this one is different.

Mindanao, Philippines.
We were on our way to Surigao from our stay in Tandag City when we noticed from our windows a scenic view of red soil with a mixture of green. 
We just had to stop.

Noventa Road is what they call it. 
This is the part where it has a panoramic view. 
Surigao is known to having rich soil suitable for mining.
Behind those hills, you'll see the ugly vision of how mining does to nature. 

We had a good spot.
I couldn't resist having a photo. 

We did a lot of panoramic shots.

Group photo.

Enjoying the vast view.

We stayed here for awhile getting all those angles we want.

For some reason, this road amused us. :)

*photo credits to Robert Chando on some photos used.



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