Sunday, July 20, 2014

Malabsay Falls

With no guide. No itinerary.
With lots of interviews with random locals,
we were able to go and see one of the waterfalls in Naga City, Bicol.

We took a jeepney near our hotel.
For just PhP26 (as of December 2013) There were tricycle offers but a little pricey for us since this was a backpacking trip.

Our Jeepney driver. Our bestfriend for around 30minutes .

Roughly around 25km from town, he dropped us in Panicuason Elementary School.

We hired  a driver with a motorbike just right outside.
Php50 one way.

I had a selfie moment while at the back of my rider.

They could have brought us all the way since it was passable. I just don't know why they didn't.
Behind me is Mt. Isarog. Clouds are covering half of it.

Just nearby, we had to pay PhP10 for registration.
If you will be going up Mt. Isarog, you need a permit since this is a major climb.

We had a few meters to trek.
No need for a guide.

This is the entrance.

malabsay falls

Once you go inside the gate, you turn right and you'll see this path.

There goes my PhP10.
They have trails where you won't get lost.

Well . . .  almost!
If you're a mountaineer or have been trekking, you know what this sign is.

It was just a few minutes from the entrance and you can reach the waterfalls.
With me is co-blogger, travel bud and friend, Breakaway Jan.

We were the only ones there.

Then Selfie :)

Below is the pool with a gorgeous view.

I find views like this very interesting.
Mystical and forestry look.
This was my favorite part.

I found the waterfalls ordinary. 
Not sure how tall it was since we didn't have any guide and no one there was any help on information.

There was a couple of steps near the falls where people can jump to the basin or have photos taken near the falls. Be careful though going up those steps since it is very slippery. 
I guess you can make a rough estimation here on how tall it is.

There were ropes that helped us going down to the basin.

On our way back, we saw some trash on the trail!
Not good!

Going back was the same as what we did when we went there. The weather was just perfect. We walked while singing the song "What did the fox say?" to my "Ice-Ice-baby" version.

* Credits to Jan for some of the photos.



Wow. Cool entry. I remembered the time when we went there, felt like some ages ago!

The falls selfie looks so cool. The falls just looks really breathtaking.

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