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D'Project 6: Banao and Chunak, Banaue, Ifugao

This project was suppose to happen last year but because of some Politics concerned, I did not pursuit it.

Banao and Chunak are both part of Banaue, Ifugao, CAR, Philippines.
There were 91 kids that we blessed.

(Officially, it is spelled as BANAO but pronunciation is BAN-NAO)

Together with volunteers from Manila and Banaue, we headed to Banao.

Waiting for our ride in front of Uyami's Greenview Lodge in Poblacion.

Our ride.
Bus bound to Mayoyao.

For the locals, it was an hour and a half trek.
For us, it was 2 hours and a half. (moderate pace.continuous trek)

It was an up and down trek.

The parents were the ones bringing the donations.
Manang was leading the way.
Here you'll see the river on the side.

Then we passed by two mountains.

We saw this.
"Welcome to Bannao Elementary School"
So we were expecting that it was just around the corner.

We thought wrong.
It was still far.
We had to go up to the summit and then down.

Then we got to the arch.
From that point, Banao is 600meters.
Chunak is 6km more.
From Ducligan (jumpstart), it is 6km up and down to Banao.
We just had the Chunak kids and parents go down to Banao.

The first sign of a village after Ducligan!!!!
There's BANAO.
As soon as I saw it, I shouted "HELLO BANAO!!!!"
I was really happy to see it.

We got there close to evening and we had the event the following day.


Couldn't find a pair of scissors ;P and I was soooo in the mood to repack.

We had a system. We were organized :)
(This is what I've learned from being active in outreach programs)

Used books. 

Manila Paper, Charts, Chalkbox, Chalks and flash cards.


Inside the plastic envelope:

I wasn't able to take photos of the school supplies because we were in a hurry to repack it.
This is the only photo that shows what's inside.

I forgot what this is called.
A gift from our nurse :)

Tired from repacking???
Nahhh . . . we had so many helping hands.


The view from Kapitan John's house.
Can you see the kids and parents walking? They are from Chunak. We waited for them to reach Banao before we started the program. 

It started with singing of the National Anthem.


Though we did not understood the messages because they were talking in their dialect, it was more addressed to the kids to study well and thanking the sponsors and donors.

From the head of Disaster and something.

The head of the Parents group.

The parents and elders dancing the native dance.

The teachers of Banao and Chunak.

The performers.
The kids didn't have much time to practice the dance but I thought it was just beautiful.

Joining the kids as they exit from their performance.


Video clip.

Not all kids were able to come from Chunak as they were little ones and the 6km walk going down to Banao was hard for them. So these were like the 90% of the kids who were present. Though we gave the gifts to the teachers and parents.


The rock relay race.

Longest line.
Funny, they even had strands of hair on the line.

Dancing with the kids.
I love dancing so I was the only one brave enough to dance with them.
And when you are with kids, you really have to be playful and feel young.

(To follow. Our videos dancing the native dance. )

The Barangay Captain John dancing.
He won't get his prize from us until he dances.

We had the parents join.

Of course they had rewards too.

We had brave ones too singing to get a reward.

Bags, tumblers, notepads, notebooks, pencil set, toy etc.


I saw the students doing this while I was inside. 
I guess they were shy to tell it to me.

The Chunak students and teachers.

We were given a live chicken from Kapitan John.
They had to kill it in front of me. :)
I am use to it now.

Taking out the feathers by burning it.

On our last night where we did socials with Banao's Barangay Captain John.

With the Barangay Captain's wife, Manang Betty and Banao's only midwife, Manang Aga.

d'project banao chunak banaue ifugao

Going back to Poblacion, Banaue.
Topload on top of the public jeepney.

(Thank you very much)

Banao and Chunak Teachers.
Barangay Officials.

The THANK YOU song to everyone who has been a part of this D'Project 6
from the BANAO and CHUNAK kids.

Hope YOU can be a part of making other kids smile on our next projects.

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I really like your blog. You took great photos. I am traveling to the Philippines in a few days and would love to visit the rice terraces. Is late July an okay time to visit Batad?

Thanks William. They say July is still a good month to see the green in Batad. Let me know if you need companions to walk you around the place. I got local friends I can highly recommend :)

Yes, that would be great! Thank you so much!

I was also wondering about the risks of diseases in the area,

Yes, I would love to know about some good local guides. Thank you so much.

I was also wondering about the risk of disease in the area.

william...been going back and forth to banaue and sagada for the last 3 years, have not encountered any diseases. just make sure you bring your meds and shots in case you might be a little sensitive

There is a soulful heart traveling with you! :-)

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