Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lahos Island in Caramoan

From the town of Caramoan, Lahos Island is the nearest and usually the first island to visit when on tours. I've been here twice. The first time I saw this island from our boat, I felt excited.

The powdery cream colored sand was standing out from afar.

My first visit was with my co-blogger friend, Pinoybreakaway.

We took a tour with Kuya Joseph or more known as Caramoan Tourist Guide.
You may contact him at 09155363528 / 09284791024

With our tour guide.

Trick shot!

Chill shots.

Jump shot.

I fell in love with Caramoan, so I went back after a few months.

Someone did some rock balancing.

Was able to explore some parts of the island that I wasn't able to do the first time.

The group I was with.

Caramoan Island Tours is now Gayon Caramoan Travel & Tours.



Stunning view! San itong islang ito?

Beautiful Caramoan. I want to visit this place soon. You got very nice photos too.

This was also the first island we visited during our trip there. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a lot photos, my camera got busted (nabasa ng alon!). Ahahaha!

Beautiful. Caramoan is on my place to visit list and i'm hoping to go there soon.

Taga Call Center, thank you for visiting. You should go. :)

rainbowjournal...that's a sad story. and on your first island pa :) invest on a waterproof cam

Ang ganda ng lugar! Paano po pumunta? :)

That place looks great! I hope I can go there someday.

Caramoan, I die. I love to visit one of these days the scenic view of the island. heard a lot of things about Caramoan.

oh my... i will definitely visit here. i heard a lot of positive reviews with caramoan

Alexandria, bus ride to Sabang, Bicol in Manila or Cubao (Raymonds) then from Sabang, 2hour boat ride to Caramoan.

Christian, since you've heard a lot. It's about time to see it. :)

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