Sunday, June 29, 2014

Churches In Batanes

I am not a Catholic but when one travels around the Philippines, there will always be a church that's like ancient old and so much history on it.

When I was in Batanes, there were a couple of churches we dropped by. Some did not really interest me and had to pass on it.
Sorry for the Catholics, I can't say much about the churches.

In South Batan Island in the town of Ivana.

They have a different design on the doors.

I went to, if my memory serves me right, the last town or barangay in Uyugan.
Barangay Imnajbu.


According to church records, the first mass and baptism was in this island.


ann d explorer

This church is a National Cultural Heritage Treasure.

I saw the two German couple I met in Basco Lighthouse.
I helped them get a ride back to Basco. 

Traditional Ivatan stone house inspired, Politician Florencio "Butch" Abad had this chapel built just a few meters from their high-end hotel Fundacion Pacita.


Doors were locked so I wasn't able to go in.

A view from Fundacion Pacita area.


One won't miss this church as it is around town.



Apparently the doors of the churches in Batanes are not as strong as the churches :)
Either that or it's a design.



I was surprised by this little girl. She walked towards me. 
Took my hand and placed it on her forehead for a second.
This is a traditional filipino manner where the young ones give respect to elders, which you rarely see it nowadays. Though when I was in Basco, I see the young ones do this. It was sweet though. I did not know the little girl.

The 10 commandments in Ivatan dialect.



Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kiangan Rice Terraces

One of the five (5) clusters under the UNESCO World Heritage is the Nagacadan Rice Terraces in Kiangan, Ifugao, Northern Philippines.

I went here by motorbike from Banaue. Though you can reach this place by public transpo through Ohayami Bus Trans in Sampaloc, Manila. They have a night trip that goes directly to Kiangan. Then from town, you can rent a tricycle to Barangay Nagacada.

If you want to know more about how and why the Rice Terraces have been considered as a world heritage, you can read more info here.

I went here March and you will notice a mix of brown and green colors.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dicasalarin Cove

Aurora is around 6 hours drive from Metro Manila (Balintawak was our meeting place).
We went there via private van.
I've been here twice.

Part of our itinerary was to stay at Dicasalarin Cove which is owned by Senator Angara's family.
This is the top view site of the cove.

(Of course, there's me with my emo back shot)

dicasalarin cove

This was taken from the view point.
Getting up here is no joke as it is a steep hill. This is both for vehicles and by foot.
Thank God, we always had the van.


They said this was a lighthouse.

ann d explorer

I've been here twice.
My cheap but reliable dome type tent.

Inside my very spacious tent.

The boys always does the cooking.

We pitched tent near the beach.

dicasalarin cove

This is a private beach so you won't see much people.
 I think the most I saw were just 3 people.

The said "lighthouse" was getting nearer.

We decided to explore.

So we walked further away from the beach.

Photo shoot on the rocks.

I call this "Scarves of the rocks"

Then we saw a trail. It was a lot of paved steps going up.

The view keeps getting better.

They warned me not to do this because the ground was soft and can loose anytime.
I tried to be careful but yeah . . . thinking about it . . . was a bit scary.

dicasalarin cove

I saw another spot.

I just had to get the shot.

Good job on our friend Sir Andrew who has a fear of heights.
He was able to conquer it.

The Lighthouse.
I am still not convinced that it is a lighthouse.

I decided to go up.
I was halfway when a friend said that I shouldn't so he went to explore it first . . . I guess for security reasons.
That's why you'll see me below him.

When made it, I decided to do it all the way.
I was almost there.
It was a nice feeling being up there because I love heights.
It was really windy up there.

As I was up on the said lighthouse, I took a photo of what's underneath me.

The group photo.

We headed down.
You can see the beautiful view of the cove.

We went to explore on the other area.

What we saw along the way.

A mini cave.

School of I-don't-know-what-it's-called fish.

At the mouth of the mini cave.

Photoshoot again on the rocks and the mini cave.

I tend to have this pose when I'm on the rocks he he he

Then it was time to head back. 
That's the beach with a different angle.

*credit to EOC and members for the other photos.