Friday, May 2, 2014

Valugan Boulder Beach Batanes

Valugan Beach is just a short tricycle ride from the town of Basco.
I was accompanied by young Shawn who became my guide for the day.

It's no white sand.
No one was swimming.
The waves were strong.

The beach is filled with boulders that was said to be from Mt. Iraya, a nearby volcano, when it erupted.

A tourist spot. 
Not for swimming though.
But seeing a shoreline of many boulders.

Also, perfect for photo shoots.


You can just spend a few minutes here unless you would like to walk on the boulders.
valugan batanes

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I haven't been to Bataney yet. Been planning to go for the longest time. I'll make sure to add this to my itinerary when we go there. Nice photos by the way. :)

Nice view! I think it is a bad idea to swim in a place like that when the waves are strong,

The stones and rocks are panoramic :D

Very serene view. I can imagine myself sitting there, just admiring the view. I can't swim to save my life, anyway. Hehe. I've always wanted to go there too. The farthest part of the Philippines in the north I've reached is Aparri.

The beach looks lovely. Just wish we can swim here.

I agree, this beach will create a unique backdrop for lifestyle shoot.

thank u. I will also go back again.

Sherlane...imagine you being washed up over the boulders hahahaha so no to swimming.

jerboy, I'd like to visit aparri too

hehehe it's just for sight seeing. deviates from the usual white powdery beach. a unique beach I must say.

Ahhhhhh! I want to go to Batanes but the air fare is restricting me. :( Kudos for making it there. Keep me jelly este posted. :) Gab -

I didn't know that there's a beach in Batanes. Gonna enlist this on my bucketlist.

Gabriela - abang abang for seat sale girl :)

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