Sunday, May 18, 2014

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Super late post.
I went to visit the new announced Wonders of the World 2 years ago
(I told is a super late post)
From Puerto Princesa it was an hour and a half ride to Sabang.
This photo was taken at the Halfway rest area.

My first time to see a Cashew (Kasoy) tree.
They grow it here in Palawan.

We took a van going there and for those who are not into long and curvy road drives, be prepared.

Our tour guide, trying to entertain us with his monkey puppet.
Not at all entertained by the way hehehe

When we reached the Sabang Port, we had to wait.
There were so many tourists. We waited for our boat.

It was around 20 minutes of boat ride.

There was a mini park that greeted us.

No need for a guide here since you'll be very well informed. 

We saw monitor lizards walking around.

Make sure that when you go here, all your things are not on a plastic bag because the monkeys tend to steal them from your hand. They think of this as food inside a cellophane. There is no assurance you'll get your food or things back.

They are very mischievous. 
We did not see them steal anything (since we were prepared) but they annoying the monitor lizards.

A little walk to another boat that will bring us inside the Underground River.

The water was clean and green.

The entrance to the cave.

Entering the cave.

It's really dark inside.
I was pissed off here because the battery of my flash died.

Inside the cave. 

Lots of bats.

The boat men had their jokes. 
They also would make you guess on the rock formations.
This one I remembered.
Mother Mary.

Our boat man was funny and very entertaining.
The ride inside was just short. 
As per guide, we are not allowed to go further more as it is still being explored.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Valugan Boulder Beach Batanes

Valugan Beach is just a short tricycle ride from the town of Basco.
I was accompanied by young Shawn who became my guide for the day.

It's no white sand.
No one was swimming.
The waves were strong.

The beach is filled with boulders that was said to be from Mt. Iraya, a nearby volcano, when it erupted.

A tourist spot. 
Not for swimming though.
But seeing a shoreline of many boulders.

Also, perfect for photo shoots.


You can just spend a few minutes here unless you would like to walk on the boulders.
valugan batanes

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