Saturday, April 12, 2014

Talicud Island

As part of our SAMAL ISLAND exploration, we decided to go to a neighboring island . . . Talicod . . . Talikod . . . Talicud . . . Island. Not really sure what the right spelling is. I keep seeing different spellings.

We still had our rented habal-habal who gave us a package to bring us to the other island which took more than an hour.

ann d explorer

We were so close when our habal-habal had a brake problem.

We had a delay.
We stayed at this bake shop and met this man who happens to be the owner.
He kept us busy by chatting with us. 

At the port.
Our drivers as they put our rented bikes inside the boat.

Our bikes parked behind us.

Talking to people inside the boat.
These two gentlemen are contractors. They are going to develop a resort.

The port at Talicud Island.

Our habal-habal drivers tricked us. 
Only to find out that there are a lot of habal-habals in Talicud.

We drove around 20 minutes to get to our first stop.
It was a rough road. We had to walk up and down for about 100 meters to get to our destination.

We wanted to go somewhere cheap so they brought us here.
It was cheap but we decided not to pay.

Dadatan Talicud

We walked along the beach.

The beach is not developed yet. 
But the contractors we met said it would be.
It will be gorgeous for sure once they clean it.

I'm glad we were able to visit this while it's still a virgin.

ann d explorer


Then we went to the more known resort which wasn't that expensive.
Isla Reta Beach Resort.

ann d explorer

Not really sure what I was fighting for here hehehe

ann d explorer

We enjoyed this place. 

The water was just perfect on a hot weather.

Tables for rent. 
We were the only ones here. (low season)

It was just a day tour for Samal and Talicud Islands.
A photo with a local at the port, on our way home.

A rainbow behind us and a photo bummer.

A solo shot at the port.

We took the barge going back to Davao City.
Riding with a truck of sodas.
Good thing it was just a 10 minute boat ride.

We were famished as soon as we got back to the city.
Penong's was highly recommended.

I really can't say if the food was good because we were sooo hungry.

Then we had to go and taste Durian coffee at Blugre.

I did not like the Durian coffee but I liked the coffee shop and the ambiance.

I did not drink any coffee because I was dead tired and did not plan on staying awake!



That looks amazing! I especially like the pictures it looks amazing, while am here in rainy Britan

Nice place :) Haven't tried that Durian coffee but I don't think I'll give it a try You guys really had a great time. :)

The fact that its not yet developed makes me want to go. Great post!

It feels good to visit a beach that's not developed yet. Next time when you go back you can proudly say that you're one of the people who have seen it bare.

kareen...I just took a sip and it did not work out for me but my friends loved it

The beach looks really pure and pristine. It's really better than the commercialized beaches we have all over the country.

That place looks like a paradise on earth. Awesome travelling spot and pics!

I believe you had a great trip. Yes habal habal will sometimes trick us. and hey I love the beaches and it's exciting to see bikes on board in a ferry.

hi earl. it was a great and exhausting trip.

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