Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pongas Extreme Adventure

Because Sagada is one of my favorite adventure places, there is no way that I will not have an outreach program here (to know more about it, please click here). Because of this, my main guide in Sagada (who you'll see in almost all my Sagada post) Kuya Sotero Ngoloban of SaGGAs gave me a treat. I requested for the Pongas Extreme Adventure. I have been to Pongas Falls and this time I want to level up.

With my friends Cielo and Ceejay, we started this activity right after going down from an overnight camp at Mt. Ampacao. We did not get any transportation because we were on a budget. Good thing, Kevin, one of the SaGGAs guides passed by with his vehicle while we were walking along the road  and we hopped in. This saved us from around 7km of walk, time and energy.

On my first Pongas Falls experience, we did the river route which was more adventurous. This time, we did the easier route which had a paved walk way.  

ann d explorer

The place looked all so familiar and memories from my first experence.

ann d explorer

Water source.

The easier route was faster.

Kuya Sotero had a surprised lunch for us.
He brought with him a cook set.

While we helped him cook, he returned with a piece of wood and started doing something.

Tah dah!!! 
He made this as our spatula for our rice. How resourceful!
I wanted to take it home as a souvenir but I was shy to ask.

So what's for lunch???
Well, we brought our comfort food, Spam.
Kuya Sotero brought rice, milk fish, tomatoes, meat loaf and bananas. 

Kuya Sotero did not actually cook. He brought everything but he made us do the cooking.
Ha ha ha which was fine because it was all for free and we were women, we should be doing this.

Of course, I did not cook. 
This is always my participation.
Kuya Sotero got banana leaf for our plate.

Thank you Kuya Sotero for lunch.

Our awesome Pongas Boodle lunch!!!!

Proof that it was awesome!!! 

Now, it's time for the adventure.
Ropes are what we only need. 

Good to see Pongas Falls again!!!

ann d explorer

As usual, it was slippery.
Our goal is to go up Pongas falls.

Before that, photo shoot first.

ann d explorer

While we were cooking, Kuya Sotero already prepared the ropes right at the middle of the two falls.

ann d explorer

I went first. This was taken from above.


Taken at the middle of the falls.

sagada pongas extreme

Group shot.
I remember we had to move slowly here because there was limited space and that limited space was very slippery.

ann d explorer

Then going up again.

Then we reached the top!

sagada pongas

Poor Kuya Sotero. 
I remember he brought my slippers on my first visit to Pongas.
And he carried my hiking shoes this time he he he 

Surprises as we trekked.

This was the most difficult part I've experienced in this activity.
We had to carry our weight to go up.
The soil were soft and it was a challenge carrying ourselves up.

ann d explorer

There was no trail. 
Just like with my other adventures with Kuya Sotero, he would walk around first to find the way.

With the help of the bolo knife, there were LESS cuts for us.

The were lots of streams.


And rocks.

pongas sagada

Beautiful views.

More challenging paths and more cuts hehehe

ann d explorer


pongas extreme sagada

Hidden beautiful places.

ann d explorer

We were suppose to go to that falls but because we were pressed for time, 
we were not able to go to that one. 

It was an up and down trek.
And more beautiful sights.

ann d explorer

Pitcher plant.

This was our first sight of the village after a couple of hours.
It looks so far but guess what . . . it was farther than we thought ha ha ha

This requires a whole day of trekking.
We reached darkness going back.
I forgot what this was. 
I was really exhausted to pay attention but still managed to take a photo.
What is this, anyone?

Aside from the challenging route and darkness, we were able to reach the road.

The road that was like a couple of kilometers away to our lodge.
But that was fine. As long as we were walking on a road and not inside the forest. 

This was one AWESOME experience.
It gave us a lot of cuts after feeling it under the hot shower but the experience being able to conquer it and enjoy the beauty of nature . . . was priceless!

Thank you Kuya Sotero!
Thank you Sagada!

More of Sagada post, please click this link.

Credits to Ceejay for the other photos.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Albay is part of the Bicol region.
It is about 550km from Metro Manila.

Common Bicol words:
Thank You - Dios Mabalos
How are you? - Kumusta Ka
Good morning - Marayna-aga
Good afternoon - Marayna-ugto
Good evening - Marayna-bang gi
Beautiful - Magayon
Masarap - Masiram
How much? - Guran-o
Where? - Sa-en po
Yes - i-yo
No - Da-e
I like you - Gusto ta-ka
I love you - Padab-a
I don't like - Habo

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Talicud Island

As part of our SAMAL ISLAND exploration, we decided to go to a neighboring island . . . Talicod . . . Talikod . . . Talicud . . . Island. Not really sure what the right spelling is. I keep seeing different spellings.

We still had our rented habal-habal who gave us a package to bring us to the other island which took more than an hour.

ann d explorer

We were so close when our habal-habal had a brake problem.

We had a delay.
We stayed at this bake shop and met this man who happens to be the owner.
He kept us busy by chatting with us. 

At the port.
Our drivers as they put our rented bikes inside the boat.

Our bikes parked behind us.

Talking to people inside the boat.
These two gentlemen are contractors. They are going to develop a resort.

The port at Talicud Island.

Our habal-habal drivers tricked us. 
Only to find out that there are a lot of habal-habals in Talicud.

We drove around 20 minutes to get to our first stop.
It was a rough road. We had to walk up and down for about 100 meters to get to our destination.

We wanted to go somewhere cheap so they brought us here.
It was cheap but we decided not to pay.

Dadatan Talicud

We walked along the beach.

The beach is not developed yet. 
But the contractors we met said it would be.
It will be gorgeous for sure once they clean it.

I'm glad we were able to visit this while it's still a virgin.

ann d explorer


Then we went to the more known resort which wasn't that expensive.
Isla Reta Beach Resort.

ann d explorer

Not really sure what I was fighting for here hehehe

ann d explorer

We enjoyed this place. 

The water was just perfect on a hot weather.

Tables for rent. 
We were the only ones here. (low season)

It was just a day tour for Samal and Talicud Islands.
A photo with a local at the port, on our way home.

A rainbow behind us and a photo bummer.

A solo shot at the port.

We took the barge going back to Davao City.
Riding with a truck of sodas.
Good thing it was just a 10 minute boat ride.

We were famished as soon as we got back to the city.
Penong's was highly recommended.

I really can't say if the food was good because we were sooo hungry.

Then we had to go and taste Durian coffee at Blugre.

I did not like the Durian coffee but I liked the coffee shop and the ambiance.

I did not drink any coffee because I was dead tired and did not plan on staying awake!