Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mount Cristobal

My favorite mountain so far (as of March 2014)
Mount Cristobal.
MASL 1470
Days required / Hours to summit 1-2 days / 4 - 5 hours

We had a private van as our ride.
The roads are cemented but there are areas that aren't.

Going to the jump-off / registration area was going up.

A bit steep for our vans.

Exhausted from what guys???
We haven't started the trek.

While we wait if our vans made it to the registration area, we did photo shoots.
This is my group in Mt. Cristobal.

ann d explorer

Signages at the Registration area.
You can't pitch tents inside the registration area.

You can't leave your trash. You have to bring it with you.

Be careful of these guys at the Registration. They look so nice but when you have food on your hand, the steal it right from your hand. He stole a cookie from me. huhuhu

Early part of the trail.
We took the Dolores Trail.

I liked this trail because of the big roots that you can hold on to.

This is a creepy tree.


mt cristobal

And more assault...

It really has a forest look.
Mt. Cristobal is said to be the "Devil's Mountain"
According to the guide, there were three mountaineers who went up and they did not have a guide with them. They got lost but after a day or days (I forgot), they were found. One of the mountaineers had a problem with his thinking. Locals said that s/he might be possessed. Well . . .  that's his story. I bet there are different stories. This mountain is known about a lot of mysteries.

Be careful as there are trees with thorns and sometimes our bag cover would be hooked to the branches.
Just like this one.

We hit dark. 
Tower backpacks are not recommended here.

Our head lamps on.
We were able to do it 4 hours.

Selfie at night. 
Checking out if I would see anything out-of-the-ordinary behind me.

mt cristobal

The Saddlepoint was filled with other campers.

So we stayed at the Crater. It was also full.


A real mountaineer does not smoke around nature.
There were a lot of fake mountaineers then. :)

My contribution of hard work in cooking our meal.
Peel onions and potatoes :)

Our neighbors . . .  a group of teachers in Laguna.

the morning after, we headed to the summit. 
This is at the Saddlepoint where it was really crowded.

At the summit.

Rainbow behind me.

With my Sports Unlimited photo.

ann d explorer

Group photo at the summit.

The breath taking view.

Going down was easier. It took us 3 hours.

Guides, Kuya Jaime and Chris.

That's Mt. Banahaw behind us which is a neighbor of Mt. Cristobal.

One day, I'll visit Mt. Banahaw. :)

Credit to all the mountaineers with me on the photos I used here.



The trail looks amazing with the trees and branches all over and the summit view makes the trek well worth it.

Looks like a very exhausting trip. Good thing you did not experience any eerie encounters with the different kind.

Shucks, I don't think I can ever survive a mounting climbing activities that takes like a day or two. Congrats for making it. :)

The view is really beautiful! Love your group. seems they are so fun to be with. :)

Another fantastic getaway!. Yet somewhat risky but as long as you are knot disobedient to the restricted areas you can enjoy your stay in that place i guess. I also heard that from the news, about the three mountaineers.

Franc, ths is the type of trail I enjoy!

Looks like you had lots of fun ! Love the cookie stealers lol ! Hope you didn't make them pay. haha. Loved the greenery and hue filled photos. :)

Kenneth, it would have been cool if I saw something hehehe just for experience.

baby steps Rochkirstin! hehehe one step at a time.

Janine, when you're up on the mountains, it's different types of people. You get to meet and blend/adjust to them. But it's always fun. You learn something from 'em :)

Kanu nato, someone died last year. A mountaineer.

I guess such trips are called as real adventure..hahaha...such an exhausting trip indeed.

I really admire you for your drive to explore all these great places! Wow!! You look like you had such a great time with nature here. :)

Simply incredible adventure, and great photos!

such a journey you had..I like some of this pictures.

I heard creepy story about this mountain...i never been here yet but, the hike is interesting!

tama marami ang fake mountaineers kc uso na kasi ang pag akyat ng bundok lalo noong sunod sunod ang balita tungkol sa mga mountaineers, makikita naman yan sa pag uugali sa trail palang makikita mo na dahil maingay. :-)

Nell, I got scared after itstole my cookie. heehehehe thanks

Deparban, exhausting but really worth it!!!

to be honest, i don't like hiking but looking at your pictures, it seems that you enjoyed a lot. :)

Marco, for some weird reason, I kinda like this mountain hehehe

Renante, oh no....isa ako sa maingay hahahaha di naman kase ako mountaineer hee hee

Sef, well I got use to it. It's hard but there's a reward :)

Wow. Great Place! It looks like the trail is challenging. Buti na lang it did not rain. Would probably try to hike the place if given a chance. :)

thanks ann, I am always looking to your every post. I wanted to climb a mountain but never had a chance, hopefully when I will have my annual leave again.

Ivan, it was freezing cold that night even if it did not rain.

hi, tanong ko lang po kung open na ngayon ang Mt. Cristobal?

Bakit sarado? How will we know kung puwede siyang puntahan?

Not really sure but it could be connected to the reason they had a problem reported earlier this year nung nagkasunog sa portion ng Banahaw and Cristobal. Try to check out PAMB sangay ng DENR

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