Friday, March 28, 2014

Hoyop Hoyopan Cave

Hoyop-hoyopan Cave is found in Camalig, Albay, Bicol, Philippines.


Expect mixed emotions on this blog post and most of my Albay blog posts.
This is based on my unfortunate experience with a "guide"
we met in Lignon Hill, Legazpi.
His name is Noel Bongadillo. He said he is a guide and showed us a certification.
We agreed on a reasonable price for the tour. The tour was a disaster. Why?
1. He was late.
2. He did not know how to get to the places. Good thing he had another person with him who knew the places.
3. He is from Antipolo, Rizal and not that familiar with the places he offered in Albay.
4. He asked for additional pay for us to pay a guide in Hoyop-hoyopan cave, which he did not disclose in his proposal.
5. We had backpacks which he said he would carry during the tour.
6. The other person who toured us had a different understanding of what our tour should have been.
7. We found out from Department of Tourism that he is not a certified tourist guide.

Again, I was disappointed at this person and the tour.

Just be careful with so-called guides like this man.

Look how cunning he looks.

Anyway, here's my story of this cave.

We took a habal-habal from Tabaco City.
I was not able to estimate the time because we did a couple of stops before we got to Camalig.

With the Mayor.

Entrance of the cave.
It was weird. My guide (girl) said we got a discount of 200 pesos because she told her boss what the "guide" Noel did to us. But Noel insisted on getting 300 pesos from us. Because I was pissed off, I forgot to give the "hidden charges" I wasn't sorry. It was a bad tour. He tricked us.

Reminders at the entrance.

Our guide inside the cave. I wasn't in the mood and did not talk much or asked much.

In this area, at the entrance, the guide discussed why it got its name.
It's because of the breeze entering here.
He said "You can feel the breeze here. Can you feel it?"
I answered no. Because there wasn't any. He said there are days that you'll feel it. I think he got embarrassed when there wasn't any breeze but since it was part of his spiel, he had to say it.

Just like the usual spelunking we did in the past,
there were rock formation names here too.
I forgot what he said on this one. It wasn't convincing that's why I forgot.

There were columns, stalactites and stalagmites.
He kept insisting that I touch this one. I didn't. I was being difficult.
I enjoy caves. I guess, we just had a bad start.

ann d explorer

They built a staircase inside which I didn't enjoy.
Too touristic.

ann d explorer

They have lights inside.
So you don't need a head lamp.

"Mama Mary"
I felt like it looked more like of Jesus, Moses, Darth Vader or Gandalf. he he he

Again, more lights inside.
I don't like it. 

You can see the wires.

This is a T-Rex or a hand.

ann d explorer

The cave is very spacious which means you don't need to crawl.

The Disco Area.

What do you see?
I see an owl.

I see a serpent

Now that's what you call real light!

This is the Exit.

Mind your heads when going out. A bit low in this area. But not too low.


The exit.
Shot from the outside.

A short trail going back to the entrance.

Souvenir shop.


Trash can.

This is what I enjoyed most here.
The short trail going back to the parking.

If you want to see more of my spelunking or cave experiences, visit here.



That cave is so amazing!!! Definitely a next must-see on my travel list! Nature really does wonders! The rocks formations inside are incredible!

That was really inconvenient with the tour guide but the cave looks really nice and has a lot of rock formations.

What a cool hike! So many cool rock formations in that cave wow

Franc...yeah he was the worst guide ever! I reported him to Department of Tourism Legazpi and good job that they took action immediately.

A lot of setbacks here and there - but I think I'd like to visit that Cave too - very interesting.

hmmm...the cave is just average for me if u ask me

That sounds great I did a hike just last month in Scotland and its worth it when you get to the top and see the amazing view!

That "tour guide" is certainly a negative factor in what should have been a pleasant exploration experience. Lessons are learned every day.

Awesome cave you visited here and I think, the negative comments for your guide must be settled by you, the authority and the guide himself for proper documentation. But not here wherein, maybe the guide has its own right to defend himself.

there would always be people who would take advantage....especially in tourism.

I thank department of tourism-legazpi and lignon management for settling this issue. what has happened to us is already done. I just hope it doesn't to other tourists.

what an adventure! Wanna go cave spelunking too!!

Shiny, for starters I guess thiscave is good for you. Try the Sagada caves.

wow.. I love the formations of the rock inside the cave! it looks so cool especially the owl...

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