Sunday, March 30, 2014

House of Dakay

Why should you visit this house in Batanes?
House of Dakay is at the town of Ivana of South Batan Island
which is around 14km from Basco.
This house was built 1887 and one of the 5 remaining old houses to survive a strong earthquake in 1918.

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Who is Dakay?
Originally owned by Luisita Estrella and was passed down to her nephew,
Jose Dakay Estrella.
Now, it is with Florestida "Lola Ida" Estrella.
She wasn't around when we visited.
She is the granny on the photo.

ann d explorer

We asked permission to check out the house. It was small and very simple.

There's no entrance fee or donation here. 

I just wish I met Lola Ida.

 ann d explorer

 If you want to have your tour facilitated, contact Sir Ryan at 0915.803.4582 or 0919.279.5963 Internet and Cellphone signals are sometimes a challenge in Batan.
He might be out in tours or signal's really weak, so be patient)



Great! Thanks for sharing this information. I might use this one day. :-)

Batanes is on top of the list of places I want to visit. It's nice that they preserved this little house.

Amazing! a great historical heritage house in the Philippines. I hope that the government will preserve & protect this house from any catastrophe. :)

This is such an amazing place at all. No wonder why Batanes has the most civilized people in our country today. first, the Honesty store, and now... these places known as "bahay na bato," which seems to portray the life and toughest times of the province

it's still privately own. the houses in Batanes are I guess with good foundation because of the weather there.

People...culture...history you name it. it's all there. except good cell signal hahaha

A small house full of history, is worth visiting. You can't help but be awed at its history.

My gosh! One of my dream travel destinations really is Batanes!

Hi Ann,

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Hi Sir Ven. Will visit your site :) Thanks.

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