Saturday, March 15, 2014

Church of Barasoain

I'm not really into visiting churches as for one, I am not a Catholic.
But I was sent to Malolos, Bulacan (one hour from Metro Manila) for work and can't help but ask around what to see in that place. 

Been hearing about this famous church, BARASOAIN. I got confused on how to pronounce it as I have heard different versions when I was there. One is ba-ra-swa-in and the other one is ba-ra-swain

I met a Museum staff who was nice enough to take my photos.
He didn't have a choice. I kept asking him. he he he 

History of Barasoain Church.

I saw a patio with the station of the cross.
I did not know Pope Francis was around so I hang out for awhile.

I forgot Kuya's name but he works here where he shows tourist around the church and gives them the history. He said that Barasoain came from the Spanish term meaning "Baras ng suwail" (Dungeon of the Defiant) because during the Spanish era in the Philippines, this was the meeting place of the anti-Spanish and anti-colonial illustrados.

Inside Barasoain Church.

ann d explorer

I forgot what this post was called but in the olden days,
the priest would preach from here.
There are only a number of churches who has this. The really ancient ones I guess.

Next to the church is  an adjoining convent with a museum managed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NCHP) Good thing they still toured me around because the museum was already closed as I got there late in the afternoon. 

Barasaoin Church was declared a national landmark on August 1, 1973 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. 

This place is rich in history back in the days of General Emilio Aguinaldo.

The carriage that brought Gen Aguinaldo to Malolos.

A stereoscopic instrument where you can see the clarity of the old photos.

The publication during the Spanish era.

The museum is very informative. It is not boring when you read the history as there are a lot of visuals.

I had a lot of photos with the cut-outs ha ha ha

The Barasaoin Church staff
NHCP staff



Nice trip! I went there last year. :)

My friend got married in Barasoain church and that place is just beautiful.

Nice post!

The last time I was here was in 1995, almost 20 years ago. Time flies so fast indeed.

I've never been to Barasoain Church in my life and with your article it feels like you are bringing me to one of the historical place in our country... I'd like to thank you for that this is one of the best thing a blog/blogger can do exchanging information & experiences.

Oh I like that stereoscopic inetrument where we can see clearly the old photos :)

wow! Seems like I had a tour of Spanish times. :) I've never been there and I hope I can visit someday.. because I'm a catholic. hehe

It's good that the church staff allowed you to take pictures inside as some religious people really prohibit it as a sign of disrespect.

I wish I can also have a chance to visit that place, too. I miss going to places like this.

I've heard that this place is a dream church of a lot of couples

see the changes now kenneth. compare the difference *:)

Marssy...I did not have philippine history. this is a good way of understanding history outside the classroom. Visit it.

I've stayed in Bulacan for almost 6 years but have not gone to visit the church. A lot of travel sites really amazed in that place because of the historical events. Probably the First Philippine Congress was held in that Church. That's why it plays a big role in the history of our country.

Janine, You should visit there. It's more fun learning it at the museum than in books hehehe

Rochkirstin, I always ask permission to take photos first. I think most of them allow as long as there's no mass or an event.

Jenny, take a bus. It's nearby Manila. Day tour. :)

I've been there and I love the feel being in such a historical place :)

Kanu Nato-usually we tend to miss out on the ones closer to us. hehehe yeah that church has a lot of history

This is great! I love visiting and taking pictures at churches as well.

I am so jealous that you got to visit Barasoain! It's literally on my list of places I've yet to visit! Thanks for sharing! :)

Hmm so what did you wish for ! Wait I know , More travel destinations. :D

Informative insight. Malolos is indeed one of the most interesting places to tour around near Manila if you are a history buff. Judging from the pictures, walking around the place gives you a feeling of being in late 19th century Philippines.

Will definitely visit the church and the museum once I return in Manila. :-)

Always Nell. and more money for travel hee hee

Josh, I don't think I've ever had any Philippine history and this is one great way of learning. Through travels :)

never been to Barasoain but it's on my list.. remember the old 10-peso bill? I have always wanted to see that church in person.. :)

Justin, yup I remembered the 10peso bill :)

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