Thursday, February 20, 2014

PyroMusical 2014: Australia

I've watched the first PyroMusical  when it started a few years back and would make sure I get to attend it yearly. Last February 15, 2014 it was the opening of the 5th year Philippine International PryoMusical Competition at the Seaside Boulevard of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay.

SM MOA was filled with so many people mostly waiting for the fireworks. 
I was invited as part of the media team where we had a good spot to document the event.
With me is a friend, travel buddy and co-blogger Mr. Breakaway.

There were professional cameramen and photographers.
I'm sorry if my photos and videos are not as professional looking as the others.
Though I must say, you need to be there to 100% enjoy the pyromusical.

It started with an exhibition by the Philippines.
It was cute with hearts and flowers formation.

Better check out the video instead.
Captured by the music that almost everyone knows and can sing or hum to it.
You got to watch it! It was my favorite of the night.

First country was AUSTRALIA.

Watch a clip of Australia's show.

Next country: SPAIN and UNITED KINGDOM!



The light show looks amazing. I hope I can try to watch other exhibitions too.

These are such lovely photos! And you seem like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing :D

combination of lights in the night ...lovely photos !

Wow! Great fireworks with the music. I have watched these shows last year and was too entertained.

Franc, see you on Saturday. Try to watch it!

Jason P. - yup...I had a lot of wows here hehehehe

Dinesh...not only the photos. check out the videos too. cooler! hehehe

I am not from Manila but I always like pyromusicals.:) I saw one last year when I was there in Jan 2013 :)

Looks nice! Would've been awesome to see it in person! Nice post.

this was just the opening. we have a couple of saturdays more to watch it

I just love the game of colors when the numerous fireworks illuminate the sky! Really spectacular!

I love fireworks,seems like you had a great night.Nice photoes.

Nice shot! I hope i can watch the fireworks display, too!

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