Saturday, February 1, 2014

Matukad Island

Matukad Island is my favorite island in Caramoan (so far) and the best one I have been to in Luzon.
The powdery white fine sand is so much similar to the sand in Boracay.
The difference? It's not the party place which is way better.


The waves were strong so we had to get the right timing for me to jump from the boat.
Ha ha ha caught on cam.

This tour wouldn't be fun and great without Kuya Joseph from Gayon Caramoan Travel and Tours     (former Caramoan Island Tours).
If you want to get his awesome services,
 here's where you can reach him 09284791024 / 09155363528

The first activity we did was rock climbing on sharp limestone.

matukad island caramoan

I had to change outfit.

No harness. Just firm grip.

rock climbing

Finally reached the top.
ann d explorer

Gorgeous view from the top of Matukad Island.
The beach area.


With me is Mr. Breakaway, a friend, travel buddy and co-blogger.

with the tarp!

There is a very interesting story in this lagoon.
It is said that there were 2 milk fish (bangus) that lives here for years. But then a fisherman and his son went to catch one milk fish, brought it home for dinner and the whole family died the next following morning. Since then, no one wanted to catch the other milk fish. It's a huge one and has been living there for years. 

ha ha ha Our guide, Kuya Joseph doing a selfie. 
A dangerous one I must say. Look at where he is standing.

I couldn't do what he did and he told me not to even attempt to.
So this is what I did but just for a few seconds ha ha ha

We tried to go near.
My emo shot with Mr. Breakway.

And then we headed back.

There were local boys we met up there.
You know me....I make sure I say hi and have photos with the locals.

=================== inserted my second Caramoan experience =================

I couldn't get enough of Caramoan so I went back after 3 months.

This time, I made sure I went near and see the milk fish myself, up close.


It was harder going down as the rocks were sharper but hey . . . when I hear someone counts "1,2 . . . " I will make sure I look because I know there's a camera. Even if I'm holding on to sharp rocks for dear life hehehe

ann d explorer

The boys were able to go to the rock behind me but they said it was really hard. So, this is the farthest we can go to. I didn't see the milk fish :(

You need to think where to hold and step.
You just can't go wrong here.


There's also traffic :)

===============end of update====================

Then it was time to go down.

We were hungry.
I was happy to see what Kuya Joseph had for us!

My favorite!!!

A message to the tour guides and boatmen.
The place is spotless!

My mini rock climbing he he he

Okay fine . . .  not consider as rock climbing then.
Rock jumping?

Another rock climbing on the other side.

We had to be careful as the rocks or limestones were sharp. 

Making decisions here . . .  where to step and where to hold.

No matter how careful I was. I got a scratch.

Photo ops in the middle.

Behind us is where we did the rock climbing at the lagoon 
and of course...the beautiful beach.

Kuya Jomar, our other guide who went up without slippers. OUCH!

Moving on....I need to reach the summit he he he

Almost there . . .


It's a wonderful 360 degrees view up there.

matukad caramoan

I'm on the TOP OF THE WORLD . . . or just up there! ;P

I was just up there...carefully moving 360 degrees to enjoy the view.

Talk about being careful!!!
Jump shot (buwis buhay)

And another jump shot.
I did a lot of 'em. But this was a scary place to do jump shots. If you get off balance . . . you can be dead.

Group shot with Mr. Breakway, Kuya Jomar and Emerson, one of the local boys we met at the lagoon!

Of course . . .  with Kuya Joseph and the tarp!

with Emerson.

The other local boys enjoying the sand after their siesta.
Too full I guess to do another rock climbing.

Change outfit for swimming!

Finally, we had to say goodbye to my favorite island in Luzon.
With Sha, Kuya Joseph's love of his life.



Wow! What a nice beach! I'll save the contact number just in case we will visit there.

Thanks Marco. Kuya Joseph's a.k.a Caramoan Island Tours is just awesome!

nice place :) thanks for sharing

You're welcome Kuya Joseph and thank you too!

ang ganda ng lugar!! nature tripping!

This is such an adventure! I think I cannot climb those slippery rocks. I'm afraid to fall! :))


We received your blog registration. However, we cannot seem find our link in your blog. Kindly let us know thru the CONTACT US page once you have added our link so that we may already post your blog to our listings.

Thank you,

Andrew, it's beautiful. you should visit it

Rochkirstin, when you climb, don't think you'll fall. You must think how great it is when you reach the top. It's all in the mind. You can do this.

Tara Jeffrey! I am organizing a group to go there. You're invited.

wow ang ganda naman diyan! but the move you did without the harness is heart thumping!

Pwede po ba makuha number ni Eric Pantua?asap lang po..kasi po punta kami caramoan.. thanks.

What a beautiful island. I wish I can travel also in such a beautiful place. Happy travelling!

Hi Laila. I have to ask permission from Eric if I can give you his number. If you want you can message him in fb. I believe he is active in fb.

It is Sir William and yes you can travel here. Our guide Kuya Joseph has affordable rates.

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