Sunday, February 9, 2014

Marlboro Hills, Batanes

Don't get confused with my other MARLBORO post. The last one I did was Marlboro Mountain in Sagada.
This is Marlboro Hills in Batanes.

Marlboro Hills is found at the South of Batan Island.

My first visit, I was there alone.

Well  . . .  talk about a gorgeous view. Everything screamed serenity.
That's Mt. Iraya at my front.

It was windy.
I mean reaaaallly WINDY.
It became deafening.

On the other side, is a view of Mahatao Lighthouse and hedgerows.

The residents of this wonderful place.

Then I can't help it and went back to Marlboro Hills but this time, with new friends.

A groupie shot with our guide On.

Every place I visit, I make sure I have a photo with the residents.

ha ha ha just not too near!

photo ops.

I could spend a day here just reading and relaxing.
Away from the hustles and bustles of the city.

Then it was time to go back up the hill.
I kid you not . . .  it's like watching Sound of Music.
I cheered them up while they go up.

Jump shot.

It was hard achieving a jump shot especially with the strong wind.

He was going to take a photo of us from downhill but our photos was a failure as we couldn't hear each other count. he he he 

Lunch time.

Guess what we had???

Fresh lobsters.


Uvod balls.
This is fish, carrots and banana core.
Cooked by steam or frying.


Sauteed veggies with prawns.

Beef strips.

My Marlboro Hills experience was just wonderful!

If you want to have your tour facilitated, contact Sir Ryan at 0915.803.4582 or 0919.279.5963 
Internet and mobile signals are sometimes a challenge in Batan. 
He might be out in tours or signal's really weak, so be patient)



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