Friday, February 28, 2014

Hungduan, Ifugao

From the town of Banaue, I took a motorbike to go to Hungduan which is another municipality of Ifugao.
There are public jeepneys but trips are only in the afternoon around 3pm to 5pm.
My motorbike ride was an hour and 30mins.
There are rough road areas.

ann d explorer

The breath taking view along the way.

ann d explorer

Looking at Uja, the last barangay of Banaue

On the left side is Banaue and the right side is Hungduan.

The bridge connecting Banaue to Hungduan.

Because it was cold, I stopped by at a canteen to drink coffee.

ann d explorer

A Tram used for things that they need to bring to the other side.
People are not allowed to be in it hehehe

Register first for PhP10 (rate as of 2013) at the Tourism office.

ann d explorer

Mostly foreigners visit this place.

This is the best message about reminding motorist to wear helmets.

ann d explorer

The Municipal Hall.

Since most of the road is rough road, a 4x4 truck is the most convenient vehicle to reach Hungduan.

Around the Municipal Hall.

The place where General Artemio Ricarte was burried.

General Artemio Ricarte

A little background of General Artemio "Vibora" Ricarte of where he was first buried which was in Hungduan and where his ashes went, after his body was taken away from Hungduan.

Near the municipal hall, I saw traditional houses.
I think you can stay in this place.

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

Unfortunately, the place was closed so I did not get any information about it.

ann d explorer


ann d explorer

I saw only two or three locals. So I just had a photo shoot with them.

ann d explorer

See that road? That's the road from Banaue to Hungduan.

The restaurant was closed also so we went to look for a store.
At the store....freezing.
It was raining and I was trying to make myself feel warm.

I met the daughter of the store owner.
She had a beautiful smile.

This is their instrument. 
I tried playing it. 
Watch my video.

This is the owner of the store.
He played the instrument beautifully.
Watch the video.

Watch my video on how I tried playing the instrument.



I like the pink kapote...hehe

wow i like these kinds of places off the beaten track and not too populated with tourists

Leira. I like exploring this kind of places too. few tourist.

Very nice place. I was able to explore Lagawe and Kiyangan a few years back, that's the towns before Banaue. Hoping to go back soon and maybe explore Hungduan. :) Cheers!

such great views! which i had time to do some travelling like this

Cool views from the mountain tops. Nice place !

such a nice adventure! wanna go there and experience the cold fresh air. Very nice views and picturesque.

The view between Hunduan and Banawe is just splendid. This was one great adventure for you.

I love exploring the Cordilleras, Rel!

kanu, you'll enjoy the place more when you're there. hope you can visit!

Sir Franco, it's always a place I would go back to :)

Ifugao is one of those places that my family and I plans to visit but don't have the time. How far is Banaue from Hungduan?

rochkirstin, max of 1hr and 30mins. not sure about the distance. but the slow down there is the rough road. So far...I'm lovin' the Cordilleras. Mountain Province and Ifugao. Will explore Benguet on Saturday :)

wow adventure , i reall need to try this one!!

this is fantastic adventure ann! thank you for this!

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