Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Waterfalls at Mount Romelo


Well, it's not everyday that you'll see these people in Mt. Romelo.
I was invited for a birthday climb at Mt. Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna. With this celebration, we got a free rappelling from Sir Jay-Ar's group.

Well . . .they brought all these ropes and rappelling equipment up on the mountain.
Of course they did not carry it this way hahaha
This is sir Aye preparing for the day's activity. 

Sir Jay-Ar giving us instructions.


I was the fourth one in line and the first girl to rappel.

This is my second time to rappel.

Though of course, I still have that "fast heart-pounding" feeling.

But because sir Jay-Ar gave a thumbs up and a lot said they were experts, I trusted my life to them. 

We had a tarp that we can support our feet from the rock on the first few meters. 

Shot from above.

Then I had to feel the wall already. Not that hard. I was getting instructions from sir Aye.

I had to do it slowly as if I sway too strong, I might hit the wall.

This is the part I forgot what it's called where there's no more wall.

I can actually release the rope all the way so I can reach the waters fast but I decided not to.

I enjoyed hanging for a few seconds while enjoying Buruwisan falls.

This is Buruwisan falls. 
The nearest falls right next to the campsite.
They said it is about 180ft high. Though, this is just an estimation.

(a.k.a Guiling guiling falls)

From the campsite, a short trek to Batya-Batya falls.

Sir Nasser giving us safety rules.
He does really look safe with his life vest and helmet ha ha ha
How I wish we had that too.

 ann d explorer

There are areas we can walk on waters.

Sir Nasser leading the way to tie the ropes on the other end.

The ropes are for us to hold on to as we cross the deep waters.

That's Batya Batya falls. 
(Sorry about the resolution of the photos) 

While waiting for the ropes to be tied . . .

Photo shoot he he he

Now it looks like we're ready to go.

That's me going up. 
It was easier to go up than going down. 
The rocks were slippery.

The current was strong so we couldn't advance anymore and just stayed up there. 

 Thanks to the master riggers, sir Jay-Ar, sir Aye, sir Nasser and ma'am Dianne.
I had F-U-N.


Credits on photos to EOC, Shane and Momo.



Nice adventure in mt. romelo

wow! nature trekking! We use to do that too when I was back home in the Philly.. I miss it.

oh my goodness what an adventure and a great days exercise. This is so beautiful, I wish we had somewhere around here that had a place like this. The pictures are breath taking as well as the scenery. So lucky.

Renee...come visit us. It's more fun in the Philippines hehehhe

That looks like so much fun. And you were very brave to do it. I don't think I could. The pictures are beautiful also. The place looks amazing!

The water must be so called. You are so brave!

the water was cool enough for a hot day hehehe

I like your sense of adventure. I wish I can go there someday :D

Rappelling through the falls looks like a great adventure. I should try that too.

This is such a great adventure.The pictures are very nice,whoever were there behind the camera did a nice performance.

So Scary yet Awesome Experience you Had :D
And Those Images Looks so Beautiful :)

This is really a brave adventure of you and an awesome photo shoot indeed.

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