Friday, January 31, 2014

Mt. Romelo

A lot of us were hesitant to go to Mt. Romelo as past stories never died where there are thieves roaming around the mountain. We were told that this does not happen anymore and that we just need some people to look out for our things.

We started early.
Driving Rizal route until we reached Famy.
We had breakfast here and went to the market to buy our food.
Since we had our vans, it just took us 5 minutes to get to the jump-off.

ann d explorer

Jump-off is at Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna.

Horses as porters.

Adventure starts crossing a stream.

ann d explorer

There are poles in some part of the trail where we held on to.
It was a big help.

ann d explorer

There were houses with stores where we took a break.

We saw a cow and her calf.

They sell fresh coconuts and cold sodas.

ann d explorer

We were a big group so we got some bonding time while we wait for the others.

ann d explorer

Rocky trail.

and most are muddy trails.

Here was a decision which part was hold on to the poles or walk on the mud. 

ann d explorer


ann d explorer

ann d explorer

Allen decided to take off his sandals as it was really slippery with his sandals on.

mt romelo

Leeches are present in this mountain. Poor Trix.


Camp site.
This area had a lot of stones and was not too comfortable inside the tent.

ann d explorer

You can bring a hammock.

mt romelo

There are a number of huts for rent too.

A comfort room . . . up on the mountain!

This little guy visited me inside the tent.

ann d explorer

This is Nanay. She lives there and owns a store. No, she's not a mermaid.
We brought a mermaid's tail up for photo shoot and Nanay wanted to wear and have a photo.

ann d explorer

My hiking shoes.
Finally, cleaned.

The nice thing about Mt. Romelo is that it is very convenient. There's over flowing of water source just a few steps away. There's Buruwisan Falls where you can rapel and Batya batya falls. Click here for my adventure on the falls. It was a nice and cool experience. A lot of my friends love this mountain. I can't say it's my mountain. I hate the muddy trail.

*credits on photos to EOC and Shane



Haha at one glance I thought you saw a real mermaid there! What was the temperature at the peak of the mountain? It must be really cold.

Wow! i literally laughed when i saw the nanay! anyway thats a getaway from all stress i think! i want to go there! :)

seems like you have lots of fun there,nice photoes.

cool nanay! i thought you have caught a real mermaid. hahaha

Rochkirstin, this is a late post and we did this last year I think August so the weather was just fine. Not too cold , not too hot but it rained in the evening.

Haha Jasmine, it's funny how Nanay was shy about trying the tail but the opportunity was there. It's not everyday that you see mountaineers bring a mermaid's tail up on the mountains.

I did Deeparban. One of my memorable experiences up on the mountains.

i have never been here but i am scare for mountain adventures. will try it out soon, hopefully. nice adventure. for sure, each of you had fun! :)

I can't imagine trekking like this! Your post made me feel like I was there! Haha!

we did have fun Sef! Thanks! Try the minor climbs first :)

That's a hardcore trail which is muddy and rocky but I'm sure it was a great experience doing it.

I wish I could go there too - that was quite an adventure and I am sure everyone had a lifetime of experience - and a good one, too!

This must have been a great adventure!

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