Saturday, January 4, 2014

Balangagan Cave

Ever since I experienced my first spelunking in Sagada . . .  it became addicting.
After exploring the 3 major and popular ones, Lumiang-Sumaging Cave and Crystal Cave, we decided to go to the easiest cave, Balangagan Cave.

Balangagan Cave is in Barangay Suyo. 

After our Blue Soil Hill exploration, we immediately headed to Balangagan Cave.
Inside the jeepney, exhausted from the first activity. 

This is the end of our ride and the start of the trek.

ann d explorer

It has been raining so the trail was muddy and difficult as it was slippery.

The trek seemed forever because we were a bit careful not to slip.
Kuya Bastian assisting us where to step.

It was a hike on a flat surface then downhill.

The trek I can say was around 30 minutes.

ann d explorer

The group photo. It started with 9.

ann d explorer

Then we started going up to the mouth of the cave.

ann d explorer

Then we were 4.

And then we were 3.

ann d explorer

Shot from above. The rest did not want to go in for different reasons.

ha ha ha They just watched us from below.

And we watched them from above.

Kuya Sotero, my favorite guide, setting up the lantern.

sotero ngoloban

While we wait for the lantern, photo shoot mode.
At the mouth of the cave from the outside.

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

Should you need Kuya Sotero's service, 09395062033.

sagada saggas

Mouth of the cave from inside.

balangagan cave

We thought the cave was dry as it should be but because it was raining, it was wet.

ann d explorer

We were also careful as it was slippery. 
I had an accident here where it was really slippery and I slipped. Good thing, the guides were alert and was able to hold on to me. But it was difficult to move from where I slipped because I was flat on my belly and the path was diagonal, no ropes and not much to hold on to.

 ann d explorer

 Balangagan Cave is a beauty with the stalactites, stalagmites, the flow stones, columns and pillars.

balangagan cave

It was also spacious.

sagada ann d explorer

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

This is what saddens me.
Valdalism from the local kids.

 ann d explorer

ann d explorer

It was very slippery...the most slippery experience inside a cave for me.

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

Plastic. tsk tsk tsk

ann d explorer

ann d explorer

Look how dirty I was he he he
This part we all laughed. Well I'm not going to spoil it. Find out from your guides.

ann d explorer

On the way out.


We had 2 guides and 1 driver assisting us.

We thought it was easy but for me I had a hard time because everything was slippery from the rain.
Noticed how many times I have mentioned in this post how slippery it was.
I suggest you visit this cave on summer or on a dry day.
It took longer for us to be inside and when we came out it was dark already.
It sure was an adventure!!!

Our SaGGAs guides, Kuya Sotero and Kuya Sebastian!



Great adventure! You're right, visit a place like this during dry season.Where is the location of that cave?

thank you. This is in Sagada, Mountain Province, Cordillera.

Wow awesome photos! I wanna go there

The adventure looked tiring but fun. I hope to catch the same fun with friends this year. :)

It's great that you saw the different rock formation up close while going inside the cave. It's just amazing how they end up that way from years of the natural elements shaping them.

definitely a place to Go, Thanks for the info. Will be putting this on my bucket list.

Looking at your photos reminds me my first Sagada adventure, that was 3 years ago. Now, I realized how much I miss the place. :)

I make sure I don't miss sagada much so I go back 3 or 6months after hehehe

I'm a Cordilleran myself but haven't been to Mt Province yet.. haha

Have been to Sagada recently and checked out Sumaguing and Lumiang. This I gotta try the next time I get back there.

What excellent photos. I shared the whole experience with you. You're very brave to venture into the slippery cave.

Its really a place which every one should visit thanks for reminding it!

I wish I was there :( looks fun!

francene...thanks for visiting. I got stressed from it being slippery hahaha

Seem slike you had a lot of fun! The pictures look amazing and the place is very interesting. I would love to visit there myself. Thank you for sharing!

That's one great accomplishment in someone's life to visit a place you don't see everyday.

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