Friday, January 31, 2014


Laguna is found in the CALABARZON Region in Luzon, Philippines.
Capital is Santa Cruz.
It is the birthplace of our National hero, Jose Rizal.
It is known for the swimming pools, hot springs and mountains.
It lies in the southern shores of Laguna de Bay, the biggest lake in the country.

Mt. Romelo

A lot of us were hesitant to go to Mt. Romelo as past stories never died where there are thieves roaming around the mountain. We were told that this does not happen anymore and that we just need some people to look out for our things.

We started early.
Driving Rizal route until we reached Famy.
We had breakfast here and went to the market to buy our food.
Since we had our vans, it just took us 5 minutes to get to the jump-off.

ann d explorer

Jump-off is at Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna.

Horses as porters.

Adventure starts crossing a stream.

ann d explorer

There are poles in some part of the trail where we held on to.
It was a big help.

ann d explorer

There were houses with stores where we took a break.

We saw a cow and her calf.

They sell fresh coconuts and cold sodas.

ann d explorer

We were a big group so we got some bonding time while we wait for the others.

ann d explorer

Rocky trail.

and most are muddy trails.

Here was a decision which part was hold on to the poles or walk on the mud. 

ann d explorer


ann d explorer

ann d explorer

Allen decided to take off his sandals as it was really slippery with his sandals on.

mt romelo

Leeches are present in this mountain. Poor Trix.


Camp site.
This area had a lot of stones and was not too comfortable inside the tent.

ann d explorer

You can bring a hammock.

mt romelo

There are a number of huts for rent too.

A comfort room . . . up on the mountain!

This little guy visited me inside the tent.

ann d explorer

This is Nanay. She lives there and owns a store. No, she's not a mermaid.
We brought a mermaid's tail up for photo shoot and Nanay wanted to wear and have a photo.

ann d explorer

My hiking shoes.
Finally, cleaned.

The nice thing about Mt. Romelo is that it is very convenient. There's over flowing of water source just a few steps away. There's Buruwisan Falls where you can rapel and Batya batya falls. Click here for my adventure on the falls. It was a nice and cool experience. A lot of my friends love this mountain. I can't say it's my mountain. I hate the muddy trail.

*credits on photos to EOC and Shane

Saturday, January 18, 2014

D'Project 5: Cancer Warriors 2013

I used to be active in one of the foundations that my former employer supported where it involved kids with cancer. But when my favorite kid, EJ died after a year of knowing him (click here to know him), I stopped. 

Then I met GRP. A cancer survivor who happens to be a mountaineer too. I joined one of his fund raising events for cancer kids and I was moved by his story. I have a soft spot for this. My mom died from breast cancer and I am living with a brain tumor. Life doesn't have to be sad. I want to be a part of these warriors' life in making them feel hopeful and make them realize that our God is bigger than their sickness. 

The Cancer Warriors' Christmas wish list was posted in Facebook by GRP.
I immediately messaged him asking if D'Project could be a part of this and he said yes.

As soon as I posted it on my facebook timeline, I wasn't surprised that my friends and friends of friends were as always, supportive.

December 30, 2013.
Lipa, Batangas.

Friends who gave out bikes.
This was where we were trying to figure out how we'll bring the bikes.

Bringing the gifts to the kids.

With GRP, making sure everything was labeled.

Yek brought more than we expected.

He brought school supplies.

The gifts.

There was a program when we arrived. 
Magic and Bubble shows. 
Presentation from the kids too.

The magician was giving out gifts and I felt so bad for the kid with one leg. 
I wanted to help him but I did not want to offend him or something.

I just saw this kid alone watching the show away from the crowd. 
I talked to him and played with him.

 How cute is this jacket? A group sponsored it to the kids.

 GRP, the cancer survivor!

GRP with his wonderful family 

The gift giving

Guitars for Raiza Joy Maralit and Mabel De Villa.
From Ate Joanna and Ate Cleofe.

Raiza wasn't feeling well so she wasn't there to receive her guitar but we made sure it was given.

This was the first time I met Joanna. We met in facebook because of a group who likes to climb mountains and travel. I am glad she trusted me to share her blessings to these kids.

From the Yek Family, with Li'l Jose giving out the gifts.
Michael Galvez
Dominic Endaya
Japhet Canson
John Michael Pemado

He was really happy to receive a tablet which he requested,
 that he had to thank them again.
Jose checking out the gift he gave.


Bikes from Kuya Romeo, Ate Sairda, Ate Sione and Ate Rhea. 
CJ Roxas
George San Juan

A bike for Kenneth Baltazar from Ate Alex and Kuya Jayvee

With Kenneth's family.

Alex and JV, friends I met in El Nido, Palawan.

From Ate Nikki to Jao Gosado.
Electric fan, milk and shirts.

 Ate Nikki.

 From Kuya Jun-Jun to Kurt De Mesa.

Kuya Jun-Jun.

The sweetest from the bunch. 
She approached me, put her arms around my neck and said thank you.
The gifts were from Ate Aya and her family.
How I wished that Aya and her family was there to receive the beautiful smile and hug from these kids.
Anna Marquez
Jasmine Maranan
Jewel Mortel

Ate Aya.

From Ate MJ.
Kazy Saludo
Andrea Barcenas

Ate MJ.

To Jeremae San Juan from Ate Mei.

Ate Mei.

The day I got the gift from Mei. I met Mei way back our Sagada days.

From Ate Weddy to Trisha Adarme.

With Weddy who I met because of my trips to Sagada, Mountain Province.

Gifts from Ate CJ and Ate Cielo.
Elizabeth Aranel, a cancer survivor.

Carla Acosta

Ate CJ and Ate Cielo.

Some of the kids weren't there so we gave the gifts to the foundation so they could give it to the kids.
A gift to Cristhel Cantos from Ate Apple.
A gift to Maiden Tenorio from Ate Gracey. 

Ate Apple.

Ate Gracey.

A backpack to Michelle Agquiz from Ate Grace.

Ate Grace.

The day I got the gift from Grace, a former colleague.

With one of the Cancer warriors and the head of the foundation.

My loyal D'Project sponsors!!!

 GRP's son, Moi. 
The funniest.

Thank you to this man, GRP a.k.a GP.
I promised that D'Project will support one project every year for these cancer warriors.
I am grateful for the sponsors/angels who gave smiles and hope to these Cancer warriors and survivors.
Let us keep praying for them.
I hope YOU will be part of the next D'Project.

To know more about D'Project's past activities, click here.
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*photo credits to GRP, Weddy and Alex.