Tuesday, December 31, 2013

D'Project 4: Diura Fishing Village

I started D'Project year 2012. I wanted to have it on my birthday but since dad died I had to delay the first project a week after. This year 2013, I spent my birthday in Batanes. Since I had some left overs (kid's t-shirts and pencils) from D'Project 3: Sagada, I thought of bringing them to Batanes with me.
 It was only good for 10 to 15 students.

My guide, Ryan, brought me to the Diura fishing village. I wanted to do something different on my birthday. Fishing was crossed out when we saw the waters were a little rough. Then we saw a school in the village. Guess what? They had only 12 students.

They are children of fishermen.

I had shirts for the boys and pencils for everyone.

Look how excited they were.

The shirts were big for them but according to their teacher, 
the kids will be wearing the shirts whether they are knee-long 
because they are excited to have received these gifts.

The teacher said that this is the first time that someone came and gave out gifts. 
I wish I had more to give.

I tried to get them to do wacky poses but they didn't understand.
I did not push it as they might be conservative and the teacher my not like it. 

With Teacher Toots.

I forgot her name but she's the one in charge of registration in that area.
There was an extra shirt and so I gave her one and pencils for her grandchildren.

"Dios Mamajes" to our sponsors:
Jhun A. for the t-shirts
Ruchard S. for the pencils.

For more of D'PROJECT, click here.



thoughtful.. i wish to do something like that someday... belated happy birthday.. ^_^

thank u. go and be a blessing tp these kids.

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