Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blue Dragon volunteer

When I was in primary school, I grew up having high respect for policemen, doctors, firefighters etc.
Then through out the years, they became a joke like always being late on the incident.
 I kinda conformed with the society on this.

One day, I got an invite to join Blue Dragon Fire and Rescue Volunteer Brigade.

ann d explorer
I am a thrill seeker and so I gave this a shot.

The night I signed up at the headquarters.

ann d explorer

The Blue dragon fire truck.
It looks like a toy but I betcha it saved a lot of lives, houses and buildings.

We are required to volunteer 16 hours in a week.
I was always lacking sleep after I reported for duty because I would report after work hours and would go home early in the morning the following day.

Welcome to our small and humble place. 
Most of the new volunteers were from the mountaineer group I use to be with.

ann d explorer

We had our training at night. 
Really late at night where there aren't anymore vehicles passing on the road we were at.
We would just do it outside the HQ.

This is the hose throwing. 

The objective is to throw it on a straight line. Which was hard because it would swing to the left or right. 
I was able to hit a car hee hee 
Though it takes practise . . .  not hitting the car though.

Here's a video of me training how to hold a hose with water.
It was a wet night and a wet road.

The firefighter uniform. They are expensive, for your information.
The boots and the trousers.

I borrowed the appointed Blue dragon president's bunker gear.
His uniform is clean which means he hasn't been out there for awhile.
I'm wearing the boots and trouser.

blue dragon

With a bunker gear and holding a nozzle.
These are all heavy.
And I must say ... expensive too.

blue dragon

My first response to a fire alarm.
No . . .  I am not sleeping. hahaha
Praying I guess . . . hehe

This was in Baclaran market.
A building filled with fake outdoor sandals were either stocked or being manufactured here.

ann d explorer

There were so many fire trucks all lined up. We were at the back of the huge fire trucks.
Just observing . . . learning from what we saw.

blue dragon

Together with our team lead, we went inside to have a look. 

The building has been burning for almost 2 days. 
Our team lead said after his inspection that it was no longer safe for us to put out the hose because the building was no longer solid and must be taken under the control of the experienced firefighters.

How did it feel being inside?
Everything I touched was warm. 

We decided to just transfer the water to the fire truck in front of us since they were bigger.

On top of the fire truck while we head back.

Happy in a way because there was zero death.
A little disappointed because I wanted to do more but you know, must follow the experts.

The rain was on and off here.

I miss this.
Dinner at the HQ.

One night, an old man was brought to the HQ.
Riding a bicycle, drunk. 
Fell and hit his head.

My heart dropped.
I wanted to hug the old man for comfort.
I don't like seeing someone in this situation.

And there . . .  I decided to conquer my weakness
 and also get trained in Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
Our ambulance.

Inside the ambulance.

My two days training with EMS Sir Tolits.

My thoughts on this experience.
I have high respect for our heroes. All the firefighters and EMS.
With Blue Dragon, they are volunteers. It is not their full time job but makes time to help out. 
Their job is hard. I only wish they are fully geared to protect themselves too and also not be limited on what they can do. I am privileged to have this experience. 

Sadly, because of some conflicts after 2 months, I had to resign. 
"Haponesa" is what they call me there.
I am grateful of the realization, experience and learning I have gained with my Blue Dragon family. 
This is "Haponesa" signing out.

hahaha selfie mode while there weren't alarms or training inside the Blue Dragon headquarters *:)

blue dragon

*credits to mike, andrew & edzel for some of the photos



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