Monday, December 16, 2013

Basco Lighthouse

If you research about Batanes, the most number of photos you'll be seeing would be the Basco Lighthouse. Guess where our first stop was? *;P

Note: You can go to this place on your own if you like walking and exploring. You can reach this by rented motorbike, bicycle, tricycle or anything that has wheels. But this is usually part of the "North Batan tour". If you want to have your tour facilitated, contact Sir Ryan at 0915.803.4582 or 0919.279.5963 Internet and Cellphone signals are sometimes a challenge in Batan. He might be out in tours or signal's really weak, so be patient)

I laughed as soon as we arrived there. The photos you see on the internet of the lighthouse and the cow . . . well, you won't get disappointed because it is just like the photo you've seen on the internet. The cow was already on its place  near the lighthouse as if it was ready for its photo shoot. Though, I did not take a photo of them as I did not want to be one of the many who has that concept.

I saw my guide talking to two women as I walked around, enjoying the breeze, the view and just taking photos.
Then I noticed . . . he was already doing something.

Which he made me do too and I willingly did it to experience what they were doing.

They were trimming the grass.

They said if I did not do it, I won't be able to get inside the lighthouse.

ann d explorer

Of course, they were just teasing me.
I did try but I suck at it.
I am here with the two lovely women of Itbayat (another island in Batanes) who are maintaining the greens of the Basco Lighthouse.

ann d explorer

Inside the lighthouse.
See the cow.
By the way, I had this tendency to name the cows in Batanes.
This one is Sal.
You'll find out why later.

The view from the top of the lighthouse.
Sorry, not familiar with my N S E W *;P

These were barracks of the Americans. Abandoned ones.
The white one is a restaurant that they call "Bunker's Cafe" which operates during peak season and this is by request. Coordinate with your guide on this.

This interested us while we were at the top.
We saw them doing something on the hills.
They were collecting the cow manures and they will be using this as fertilizers.

Me from above.

ann d explorer

Enjoying the sun up there.

And a more intimate shot  .... ha ha ha
(credits to my guide)

You know me . . .  I tend to be a tour guide at times. I chatted with these tourists while I was up there.

And I was not able to get their names. tsk tsk
Meet the German couple.
They were struggling to look at the camera because of the sun.

Outside the lighthouse, I found this.
The locals were asking why I wanted to have a photo of this.
It was something different. he he he
According to my Ivatan ex-colleague-friend, Olet, the leaves of the "Uhango" plant are dried and woven into bags. The trunk or roots areused as paint brush. Neat, huh? 

You'll see a lot of the lighthouse around Basco.
Don't mind me he he he But I promise the lighthouse is in this photo.

A closer shot.
View from Octagon Restaurant which has a gorgeous view of the sea.

basco lighthouse

Coming from Vayang.
Mountain background.

Still from Vayang area, with the shore background.
I was already up the hills here.

basco lighthouse

I went to the lighthouse, 3 times.
They bragged about a nice sunset view here but clouds were thick that day and we did not see it.
This was near to dark.

Everyone has their photos of Basco Lighthouse during the day.

I wanted mine at night. Just to be different.
The light in the lighthouse is not working since 2010 as per guide On.This is under maintenance. Something to do with the bulb being too expensive.   

We stayed here until it was really dark. We had a mini picnic . . . just enjoying the breeze.

I still took a photo of Sal on my second visit. 
Just not the usual photo with the Basco Lighthouse.
I call it Sal for "Salpicao" ( a Spanish beef dish)

Operated by a solar panel, the Basco Lighthouse was built 2002 and finished 2003.
Around 66ft. high and under renovation so don't be sad
if the locals tell you that you can't go inside.
Don't offer to do labor in trimming grass. *;P

Yes, that's me, my jumpshot and my experience of the Basco Lighthouse.



:-) so nice Ms. Ann! Kainggit :-)

wow Anne, nice experience..I'm starting to miss Batanes..!!


John...i don't want to miss this place and people too much. Kaya ipon na ako for April or May.

Wait for my other blog posts :)

The leaves of the "uhango" plant (your background pic) are dried and woven into bags. The trunk or roots are used as paint brush. Olet :-)

Thanks Olet. I have included it on my post :)

Sal for salpicao, that made me laugh! Napaka ganda naman dyan. I hope you don't mind me asking, how much is the total cost of the tour/trip? Hubby really wants to go here someday.

Kittykat, I will introduce you to my other cow friends on my other blog posts. hahahaha I was blessed with a lot of things here in Batanes. Tickets which cost me 7,400 RT was a gift. Accommodation and most of my meals were free. I did a DIY with the help of my friend's relatives. My guide blessed me with tours because of a special ocassion. So I really can't help you much on the rates as my trip to Batanes was really a blessing. heheh but of course I did research, it is expensive when it's just a two of you though more intimate. If you go with a is cheaper but syempre makikisama ka sa ibang groups of personalities and hintayan moments. Contact Ryan, the tour facilitator. His numbers are posted. He'll give you the rates. Saka sis...yung "someday" mo baka magchange na yung rates nun hahaha pero worth it. Do visit Batanes. Will be back siguro April or May 2014. Tara!

buti ako di mo ko napangalanan nung nagkita tayo.. lol

Ian, I am waiting for the day na magtravel tayo together kase si Jane ang dami kwento about you. Malay mo dun kita mapangalanan.

astig ang batanes :) kainggit lang

sir....isang part pa lang ng batanes yan. wait for my other post for sure di ka na maiinggit. pupunta ka na.

ako rin in a few months. alam mo naman ako...pag may naging favorite place binabalikan ko agad.

ilang oras by plane punta jan ? wow the place was really nice

1 hr45 mins alloted ng airline but weather was good when I was there and we got it only 1hr 20mins. depende sa weather lalo na pagwindy.

that's just one place in Batanes. wait for my other post ma'm hehehe

I also love the Basco Lighthouse and the bunker at night. Great for sunset watching.

My mom would love to see your post. She's inlove with lighthouse and this one looks great! :)

Wow this is so beautiful, and I love the pictures. They look like you are right there with you guys. I have often thought about touring around the world and seeing different light houses. Thanks for sharing

lalalapatricia- you should bring your mom to Batanes and see it with her own eyes :)

renee, wow you're the second person i know now who is fascinated with lighthouses. that's next to lalalapatricia's mom hehehehe

Wow, wonderful photos! A real exploration I can imagine =)

Thank you Milene. Not just the photos....but the place too :)

Im hoping I can go to Batanes!! The place seems relaxing.. and yeah that lighthouse is really popular. :D

The lighthouse looks real good along with a surrounding so calm and serene. You should have had a great time :)

you got nice photos , i miss pinas :) thanks for sharing...

Whoa! What a lovely view! I wish I could go to batanes someday. :)

It looks like you had a great day (and night) :) I love breezy nights... Thanks for sharing :)

i did have a lovely time up there. i can stay there all day just feeling the serenity. Thanks Martina.

Janine, hahaha it is popular. Let's go...I'm willing to go back anytime!

Umamaheswari, I did have a great time!

Thanks Laarnie. this must be in your list when you get back

Oh wow such breathtaking landscapes! Love how the houses align :) Great photo's!

OMG! That's a very nice place.. I have never seen a lighthouse my whole life.. I wish I could witness this beauty someday :)

how come you haven't seen one? this is a nice lighthouse

Awww. I'm so envious you got to climb up and see the view from the top. We were told we can't enter kasi when we visited in 2011. Dapat siguro nag-trim din ako ng grass haha. Di ko rin afford yung sunset buffet that time. Oh, well. I guess that means there'll be a second time. *crosses fingers*

Love your photos! Bravo! :)

will be back by June. c'mon let's go bavk lornadahl hehehe

Huwaw! I'm so tempted! Kasama ba ang Itbayat sa itinerary?

yes included kase halos mga kasama ko is first time. we are looking at june 11-16. ubdont have to stay that long kase you've been in the tours na. I am looking at a group of 10 para cheap

breathtaking! i wanna go there!
happy new year!


im now starting reading your batanes entries ms.d .im inggit! thanks for the inputs

thanks miguel. medyo matagal ako magpost so if u have any questions...pls pm me na lang hahaha random kase mga posts ko

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