Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hapao rice terraces and hotspring

One of the must see places in Ifugao is seen in Barangay Hapao.
When you reach Banaue, they would offer you to visit this place.
Though this is not in Banaue but in a nearby municipality of Ifugao, which is Hungduan.
I reached this place by a motorcycle but any means of transportation can reach it.

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This view greeted me at the start of my trek.

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The Hungduan Rice Terraces

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Hapao Rice Terraces is in Hungduan.

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Trek was easy.
I can't say how long we did it because it was a leisurely walk
while enjoying the beauty of the place.
Going down.

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Going up.

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Walk way on the terraces.

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I wonder what happens if there would be people on the other side?

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Be careful of what you think he he he
I really don't know the rule on who should give way.
My guide said to go to the side.
So I gave way. 

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On the way to the hot spring.

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It was a breath taking view.

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This is by far my favorite rice terraces from all the terraces I've seen.

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Hapao Rice Terraces are low and wide.

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The resting place.

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We didn't have lunch and we didn't have any trail food. 
I got hungry. I could eat the other tourists.

Reaching for the "cha long"
Cha longs are plants that the locals use as marker for their lands. 

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Getting hungrier ha ha ha

It's nice trekking in Ifugao because the weather is cold.
The river is not really that inviting to dip in.

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Anyway, this was not our point of destination.

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We kept walking.

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and walking . . .

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It is, like I said earlier, an easy trail but there are very minor challenges along the way . . .

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Finally, we reached the hotspring.
The guide said not to expect much on the hot spring as it is really tiny.
We got there I think around 4 in the afternoon.
The locals would go here in the late afternoon to take a hot bath.
The rest of the day would be for the tourists.
I did not take much photos to give respect to them as some of the old women were topless.

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I love this place. 
My favorite rice terraces.



Looks fun! So how did you get food finally? Hehe. Question, hindi naman siya polluted pa?

we got it when we got home. hahaha polluted? which was the hotspring? there were so many people on such a small hotspring...that I can say hehe

Wow I really wanna go there and have some fun. Hoping that this year I'll be able to go there :)

Go there when it's really green. March to May

I've never been to the rice terraces, putting this one on my bucketlist!

Such beautiful pictures of nature.Here are some rice terraces in my locality,I often go there but none of them are as beautiful as this.

Wow that really does look beautiful. How sublime to be able to take a hot bath there. Your country looks amazing. Hope 2014 brings great things for you.

I always wanted to visit Ifugao and see the rice terraces. Maybe this year I will. Looks like a fun trip!

deparban...it's a lot nicer if u see it with your own eyes *:)

Hi Gaynor. hope you can visit our beautiful country :)

Hi Sol, you'll like it in Ifugao. Relaxing from the hustles and bustles :)

wow!! never been here..want to visit rice terraces with my fam!

Have always wished to visit rice terraces, in the future maybe when I have the power and the guts to travel that far :-)

I saw these beautiful scenes when I was 8 years old. Boy, that was a very long ride from QC.

MallSale Lover....just 9 hours ride. you can do it ;)

Awesome spot!! I really like it..

thank u. better seen with the naked eye shanjei

Putting this as one of my bucket list to shoot for my portfolio. Thanks for sharing! :D

I have never been to a hot springs, but this looks lovely. I love what beautiful things nature has for us, to enjoy. Love the picture of your mouth open eating the other tourist too, super cute.

Renee, there are better hotsprings I tell you hahaha this one is the smallest i've seen but definitely not manmade hehehe

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