Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Abfo'or Burial Tomb

The Ifugaos has a rich culture and so much history.
Reason why I wanted to explore a place called Mayoyao.

From the Poblacion of Mayoyao, I took a motorbike to go up a steep hill.
The Mayoyao hostel can be seen from afar as it stands alone on a hill.

ann d explorer

Once can stay here for a cheap price. It's more convenient for groups as this is more of a dormitory type. A good place for team building. You can also pitch a tent here.

ann d explorer

This used to be owned by government but when I went there, there was a contract signing between a foreigner and government that they will be managing the hostel.

ann d explorer

The view from the hostel.

Hello Mayoyao!!!!

Aside from checking out the hostel, I went up to see this.
So what's this?

The Abfo'or is a stone mausoleum (domed-shaped) that contains the bodies of the elite and ancient warriors only found in Mayoyao, Ifugao.  Made by the locals with their hands to show their stone-working techniques. 

ann d explorer

Here's another style.

This could be the modern ones

There wasn't any body inside so it was okay for me to have a photo.

There was a hut outside where I took time to chill.
The weather was windy and not too cold.
The view was just relaxing.

Then some locals came who decided to take their lunch here.
They just came from doing some campaign works.

With a local.



Is there a regular trip from Banaue to Mayoyao?? Help me please planning to go there A week from now.

I know there is one. let me ask my friends in mayoyao and banaue.

It must be creepy being in the burial tomb.

hehehe well...i don't really get easily creeped out but I just did not want to be disrespectful to the dead. Anyways, I did not relly go all the way in hehehe

Sir Raymund hope i am not too late hehe BUs from Banaue. Schedule is Mon Wed and friday there are two trips. Pag Tues and Thursday there's only one trip. There's 12pm and 1pm. Fare is one hundred pesos.

It looks that you enjoyed the beauty of the place. As for me, just looking in pictures only...sad...

Looking upon the thumbnail from FB, I thought it's from other country. Man, we have many good places to visit but only discovered by a few. Lucky you, you are one of those who find out these kind of places. :)

Wow, amazing place. It's really more fun in the Philippines!

Really a very nice place.so,you enjoyed a lot.Aren't you?

yes janine...so many undiscovered nice places.

Your burial tomb travel story is really impressive and make attraction for visit. burial vault is a structural underground tomb. Mayoyao rice terraces provide a breathtaking panoramic view of the villages and hamlets of Mayoyao.

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