Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mount Sembrano

My second mountain . . .  Sembrano.
How to get there???
Via public transportation:
There are jeepney/van terminals at Starmall EDSA and Greenfield Shaw
going to Tanay, Rizal.
Make sure you take the Antipolo route as it is faster.
From Tanay terminal, there are jeepneys bound to Malaya.
We took a private van.  

Jump off is at the barangay hall of Malaya, Pililla, Rizal.

We did a night trek.
Typhoon Goryo was in the country but not much felt in the Rizal area.
We started off with a few meters of paved road going up.

We had a couple of stops to wait for the others.

This was the last photo as it rained after.
Night trek + Rain + No guide = We got lost and got cold :P

The morning after.
Manggahan Campsite.
There were 3 groups.
Our group, a group of 4 girls and Tagay group (3 men)

The group of 4 girls was inside this hut.
I'm not sure what our four boys were doing here.
Hmmmmm . . . ???

We had a cold night and a cold morning.

Our breakfast.
They put the fresh eggs on my backpack and I did a good job to keep them from breaking even though I slipped a couple of times during the wet and dark trek.

They said there was a small waterfalls nearby so we went to explore after the trek.

In search of the small falls.

We thought it was this one.
Boy . . .  how depressing was that, huh?
Good thing, we decided to explore more on the area.

And so.....we found it!

The water was flowing because of the rain.

We had some photo shoot.

I couldn't go in the water as it was freezing cold. I have low tolerance on cold water.

Back at the campsite, I had photos with the locals.

There were like 2 families there . . . with so many kids.

Two members of the Tagay group :)

Our group photo minus one member who went ahead with the Tagay group.

Now, we see our trail in broad daylight.

View of the Laguna Lake.

A lot of open areas.

The first store we saw.

That's Mt. Sembrano up there.
We did not go to the summit except for the three boys we were with.

Going down was a lot easier. 
This is where we took our bath at a house nearby.
With the Tagay group.

Photos with the kids at the Barangay hall.

Definitely, I will be back as I have not seen the summit yet!

*credits to other for the photos



What a great adventure! I don't think I can do the same. I would just stay in the gym and do exercise rather than hike a mountain. I'm afraid to see ghosts in the dark and encounter some elements. :|

hahaha careful what you say as I was like that before and look where I ended up. hahah it's hard at times but there's a big reward

Wala naman pong eksena ng mga nakawan and all as reported in some mountaineering groups in FB?

Hi Brylle....wala naman. but just to make sure lang na....may nagbabantay lang siguro. meaning if aalis and will go to summit or falls may maiiwan to look after the things.

Hehehehe..... Ms. Rochkirstin, just have a try and I'm sure you will try to climb for the second time and so on :) Capture only memories, leave no traces.

Do I need a guide b? My mga trail sign po b?

Do i need a guide ba or madali lng ang trail? Salamat po.

Robert, the trail is easy but if it is your first time, you really wouldn't know which way to go as there were several ways. There were like 3 or 4 mountaineers who've been here several times but we got lost. Maybe because it was raining hard and it was a night trek.

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