Sunday, November 3, 2013

Millennium Tree

It has become part of the Filipino's belief that when one sees an old Balete tree (Banyan tree), it's suppose to be associated with something scary or unexplained. I try not to believe on those. You don't want to see me spooked out hehehe

(I went to Baler two times with just one weekend apart. So you'll see different shirts of me here.)

Located at Barangay Quirino, Maria Aurora in Aurora province, we arrived after 6 hours of drive from Manila. Take note . . .  we started 1a.m. Meaning there was less traffic and busy roads.

That's it!
Okay fine. This was a shot from afar (obviously)  but it was better when we got nearer.

See I told you.
How creepy is that?
It''s called the "Millennium Tree"


Our local guide mentioned that this is the oldest tree in Asia.
Estimated to be 600 or more years old.
(no standard rate to give the guide or visiting the tree but they are open for donations and tips)

ann d

Wait, there's more.
We can go inside the tree and climb!
Here's me at the entrance.

I don't have any "third eye" so I wasn't  creeped out like the others who did not want to go inside.

That's where we have to climb.
Shot from the bottom.

The guide said it is safe to step on the branches or roots.

It's an in-and-out-of-the-tree way to the top.

You'll feel that cold feeling inside. :)

We were the first ones to reach the top.

ann d explorer

Better to climb with bare feet.
The Millennium Tree is proclaimed to be the largest of its kind.
60 meters (200ft) tall with its roots about 10 meters (33ft) to 15 meters (49ft) in diameter.
(source: wikipedia)

Relaxing when we were up there.
It's a nice place to think . . .  not for the suicidal people  *;)
But of course . . . you would want to respect the tree. Exploring it is enough. Making it your hang out or picnic place wouldn't just be right.

Group photo.

ann d explorer

Going down, we had a different path.

We lost track of our guide and I got stuck in one area so he had to go back up.

millennium tree

millennium tree

Meet Jerome. Our guide.

millennium tree

A backdrop of the Ego-ngot. I saw one of 'em in the area. 
Oh yeah, this is one funny shot. I did not fit right. My photographer should have directed me hahaha
At least it would have looked realistic.

Credits for some photos: EOC and Kaye.



I haven't tried climbing trees, mostly because I'm afraid of ants and not with falling. Must be fun :)

I did not get the experience to climb trees when I was a kid. It was just recently that I have and found it fun. Now I have the urge on climbing on almost anything hahahaha

Thats a bit creepy huh? Pero cool!

creepy cool hehehe thank you for reading my blog

I miss this tree.. sooo cool!
SInce posting about this one, ive been on the look out forold tree's around.
Even old Banyan trees like these that is a source of creepiness in some City.
We associate these Balete tree's with supernatural because of how they look.
In Indian culture, shaman's use this as a home.
I just find them fascinating.

wow...sir Francis. thank you for the additional information. that is cool and yeah....I would like to think of it more on the good vibes side.

A stunning sight for every treehugger!!! And oh, great backdrop for awesome snapshots too. Selfies included, I guess. Hahaha! I have not been here :( Boohoo.

love your blog anne, keep it up!!!!

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